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Why Food Delivery Services is Getting More Popular

The last decade has seen a huge surge in food delivery numbers. According to, in 2020, 111.7 million customers spent 26,527 million dollars ordering food using online platforms. Even though COVID 19 has been credited with fueling the large number of people who used food delivery that year, experts expect the trend to continue growing. There are several reasons food delivery services are getting more popular. 1. Greater Variety

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How to be Better Prepared for Outdoor Activities in the Wild

Getting out into the wilderness is a real treat. Exploring nature and finding yourself completely freed from the distractions of modern life simply can’t be beaten. However, visiting the wild does separate you from the world which could put you in danger. If you’re planning outdoor activities in the wilderness, you need to make sure you are prepared for just about anything. So, let’s discuss how to be best prepared

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How to Get Into Fish Keeping Hobby

Fish-keeping as a hobby can be very exciting. The thought of seeing these little fellows swim around in the water under the light in their dazzling colors is so beautiful. It is also a very delicate hobby as it requires a lot of attention and dedication. Fish-keeping demands that you study how these beautiful creatures survive and thrive in an environment entirely different from ours. When fish keeping- you have

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6 Tips And Tricks You Should Know When Planning A Monthly Budget

As long as you are earning and spending money, it is beneficial for you to account for your income and expenditure. One of the best ways to ensure you keep track of your finances is to have a budget. Creating a sustainable budget is a lot easier said than done. However, you will never reach your financial goals if you don’t have a budget. The monthly budget is the most

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How to Easily Improve Your Cat’s Nutrition

As a pet parent, you want the best for your little friend that you see as an extension to yourself and your family. But taking care of the cat is a challenge on its own. They are known to be fastidious and demanding about their food and their diet has to be well balanced and thought out. But, by following the mentioned tips, you can start to make small changes

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The Hundreds X Eddie Huang

Open – The Hundreds is proud to announce a collaborative release with Eddie Huang in celebration of his new book ‘Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China’. Consisting of a T-shirt, branded styrofoam double cup, and Eddie’s new book, the collection will be released in limited quantity at our launch event this Saturday, June 4, at The Hundreds Los Angeles. The package itself

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