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DJ Kaytranada & Big Boi Perform at the MLS All-Star Concert Presented by Heineken at The Torch L.A. Coliseum

On Tuesday night, Grammy-winning Haitian-Canadian producer and DJ Kaytranada, and Grammy-winning rapper, producer and songwriter Big Boi, with featured guest Sleepy Brown, co-headlined the MLS All-Star Concert presented by Heineken at The Torch, located at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Heineken Tailgate, located at Christmas Tree Lane at Exposition Park, kicked off the evening festivities for those ages 21 and older and featured an intimate performance by FUNKFREAKS as

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How To Improve Your Skills And Be Better At Baseball

Baseball is a sport that requires many skills to be successful. The baseball player needs to know how to hit, throw, and catch the baseball. Many people dream of becoming baseball players at some point in their life. But there are also those who want to improve their skills so they can be better baseball players as well as have more fun playing the game. This article will provide you

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Alo Took It Home by Kicking Off Summer with the Ultimate 360 Wellness Event at the Alo House

Alo kicked off Summer with the ultimate 360 wellness event. The four day wellness bazaar brought together local celebs, athletes, yogis and influencers in celebration off all things Alo Wellness. Throughout the four days Alo hosted top tier talent including: Diplo, Benny Blanco, the cast of Selling Sunset and Bling Empire, Dale Moss, Clare Crowley, Brianne Howey, Charly Jordan, Tessa Brooks, Tayler Holder, Hayley Law, Josie Canseco, Lexi Wood, Joy

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Kayak Buying Tips From the Experts

A kayak is a small canoe or watercraft that is used for different outdoor expeditions like sporting, fishing, and other activities. The thought of buying a kayak can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time since there are several choices available. You will need to consider where you will use the kayak, how often you will use it, and its general purpose. With this in mind, you have to

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The Top 6 Mistakes People Make While Hunting

As a hunter, you learn from your mistakes. After making a mistake, you need to identify what went wrong to avoid creating the same issue again. Failing to rectify your mistakes will make you continue losing many hunting chances. Becoming successful in hunting takes time. However, if you pay attention, you will learn new things every day, guiding you in becoming a better hunter. This article will discuss some of

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Everything You Need to Know About the LA Marathon This 2021

Deciding to run a marathon is no small thing. It takes training, hard effort, and grit to get yourself ready and stick with the race until the end. Beyond this, some marathons are massive public events with thousands of participants, cameras, and news organizations. The following will examine everything you need to know about one marathon in particular: the Los Angeles Marathon. What Is the LA Marathon? The Los Angeles

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Super Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Skills As A Golfer

Golfing is a very popular sport and continues to increase in popularity. Most people do not play this sport as a competition, but rather as a pleasant way to spend time with family or friends. Even if you do not want to play this as a competition, it does not mean That you can still show off your moves to your friends. You may still want to be the best

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Sports That You Can Play At Home

As the world is battling Covid-19, people are finding staying at home to be boring. Lives have been affected by the pandemic, from jobs to people’s lifestyles. Everyone is trying their best to make things look normal by doing stuff from home. If you are an athlete, chances are you miss being out in the field training without any threat of disease. However, it doesn’t mean that you stop practicing.

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What You Need to Know Before Hiking in LA

Before hiking in LA, hikers should research how to deal with rashes from poison ivy oak and other plants, waterfall safety and avoiding accidents, and handling insect bites and preventing them. Hiking is a healthy hobby and taking some preventative measures before you hike will help prevent accidents and injuries. Poison Ivy, Oak, and Other Plants Poison ivy, oak, and other plants that cause outbreaks and rashes are found in

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Top Ways to Easily Improve Your Legally Owned Firearms

You’ve probably wondered how you can make your firearms look as cool and multi-functional as in movies. It’s important to understand that there are certain accessories that can make your legally owned firearm completely illegal. With that in mind, there are still many options out there that can provide your gun with both functionality and aesthetic effects without affecting the legality of the firearm you own. The modularity of firearms

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