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6 Indispensable Items That You Should Have With You During Summer

What comes to your mind when approaching summer? During summer, the temperatures are hot, with early sunrises and late sunsets, meaning you will have a long day. You will not be spending the whole day in the house due to the scorching heat. This situation means that you will need different outdoor plans that will enable you to escape the season’s wrath, including going on vacation, swimming, and doing other

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Living in California Has its Pros and Cons and Here’s Why

California, also known as The Golden State, is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and lifestyles. Many people move to The Golden State with hopes of building lives that do not conform to societal norms. You may be one of those individuals who dance to the beat of your own drum and, thus, have plans to relocate to California in the coming months. You should understand that the state has

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How to be Better Prepared for Outdoor Activities in the Wild

Getting out into the wilderness is a real treat. Exploring nature and finding yourself completely freed from the distractions of modern life simply can’t be beaten. However, visiting the wild does separate you from the world which could put you in danger. If you’re planning outdoor activities in the wilderness, you need to make sure you are prepared for just about anything. So, let’s discuss how to be best prepared

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Prepare Your Outdoor Area for the Warm Season – Cleaning Tips

The summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to put away our winter clothes and get ready for the outdoors again! However, before running outside, it’s important that you make sure that your outdoor area gets a thorough cleaning because chances are, a lot of dirt and debris has collected over the long winter months. If you’re not really sure about how to do this, we’re going to

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A Complete Guide to Pruning and Trimming Trees

By understanding the basic principles of tree trimming and pruning, you can do a lot of your work without help. There are lots of pruning and trimming techniques to keep your trees healthy and in good shape. Here is a complete guide to help you. Why You Need to Prune and Trim Trees There are a few reasons why you may need to trim and prune trees. However, the general

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How To Plan Your Next Adventure Vacation

2020 was by no means an easy year for many people. From trips having to be canceled to holiday resorts closing down completely, adventuring was limited from your doorstep to the mall. This year seems to hold new promise for travel. Even if you can’t go on a trip there’s nothing stopping you from planning ahead. Keep reading for tips on how to plan for your next adventure. Use Multiple

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How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Of all outdoor activities, hiking is one that blends fun, exploration, and connection to nature and others. As a hiker, you’re often trying to explore new pathways and areas that conventional roads can’t reach, be it a valley or a mountain. Hiking is supposed to be done without carrying the weight of stressful everyday life along the way. Whether you’re hiking alone or with close ones, you’d always want to

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The Chainsmokers Celebrate the End of Summer 2019 with a Bang at the “Party For No Reason” Pool Party

Yesterday, The Chainsmokers hosted a “Party For No Reason” pool party at a private mansion in Beverly Hills to celebrate the end of summer during Labor Day Weekend. The over-the-top house party included activations such as a bouncy house, petting zoo, lawn games, sumo wrestling, and live entertainment. Guests sipped on some fresh SVEDKA Vodka cocktails including “Cherry Press,” “Watermelon Patch” and “SVEDKA Rosé.” Alex and Drew were joined by

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Don’t Know What to Wear? Here’s Our Cruise Clothing Packing List!

It’s time for a vacation, but what should you wear? If you’re at a loss on what to pack, check out our cruise packing list to make sure you pack the essentials. Almost 30 million people embark on cruises every year. Given that the total number of people that go on vacation annually is 100 million, cruise travel makes up about 33% of the American population’s travel plans. How have

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FabFitFun Celebrated the Launch of the Summer Box at FabFitFun Summer House with Spencer Pratt

On Wednesday, August 8th, FabFitFun celebrated the launch of the Summer Box at the FabFitFun Summer House in Bel-Air, CA. Hosted by Rocky Barnes, the event featured a custom FabFitFun box station, gifting from Solid & Striped swimwear, a yoga class with Lululemon, facials from FOREO, fresh coconuts and more. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were spotted lounging by the pool and even took their son Gunner for a swim.

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