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Why Food Delivery Services is Getting More Popular

The last decade has seen a huge surge in food delivery numbers. According to, in 2020, 111.7 million customers spent 26,527 million dollars ordering food using online platforms. Even though COVID 19 has been credited with fueling the large number of people who used food delivery that year, experts expect the trend to continue growing. There are several reasons food delivery services are getting more popular.

1. Greater Variety Of Food Options Available

There was a time when pizza was the only food you could have reasonably expected to have delivered to your home. If you weren’t in the mood for pizza, you’d have to drive out to get the kind of food you were feeling for. That isn’t the case now. Survey the average food delivery app. There are hundreds of types of cuisines to choose from, veritable Food Porn for a hungry diner hoping to chow down in a hurry. The variety doesn’t offer doesn’t stop at the types of food but extends to the number of establishments. If you don’t like the Chinese at this place, you can order it from another. The customer would have the ability to experiment in a way they would not if they elected to cook dinner at home that evening or went to a restaurant where a single type of cuisine was served.

2. COVID 19 Restrictions Prevent Dining-In

Currently, this is the primary driver behind the increase in food delivery services. With new variants of the virus emerging, many countries are going back into lockdown. Even where dine-in and curbside pick-up are available, most people are not risking contracting the disease and are choosing to have their meals delivered to their homes.

3. People Are Just Busier

However, keep in mind that food delivery services were growing in popularity well before the COVID 19 pandemic. This is because people’s lifestyles have generally grown more hectic. Work and school days have lengthened, and fewer and fewer people want to have to come home and prepare dinner. With food delivery services, it’s a simple matter of examining the menu, making a selection, paying, and then having your order show up. No kitchen prep and dirty dishes to clean up afterward. No driving to a restaurant and then waiting to be seated.

4. Wide Selection Of Payment Methods

In a number of ways, cash is still king. However, what many food delivery service users like is that cash is just one of the ways they can pay for their meals. Cash on delivery remains one of the methods those ordering food can pay for it. It has been joined by debit and credit cards, online wallets like Paypal, and services like Google and Apple Pay that allow you to settle your bill through your smartphone.

5. Prompt Delivery

We’ve all ordered that pizza that took two hours to get to our home. Or didn’t get there at all. This is a rare occurrence with modern food delivery services. That’s because the online food ordering and delivery business are built on a fast delivery proposition. This is a competitive business. The top companies are busy fighting for market share, and the ability to deliver hot meals within a short time span underpins their service offering. Any customer who regularly has their food delivered late or the wrong food delivered will switch to another service. It’s a risk they can’t take. Experts say profits in this industry are razor-thin, and they cannot take much external shock. Therefore, speedy food delivery is assured.

6. Customers Are Doing Online Research

The Internet has changed so many of the things we do and the way we do them. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to try out a restaurant, there were relatively limited ways to find out about it. You went and tried the food, the service, and the experience. If it was bad, you knew better next time and didn’t return. Now, without even stepping into the restaurant, you can read hundreds of reviews from people who’ve been there or bought the food through an online app. Research shows that people are more likely to look a restaurant up online before trying the food. This is in an effort to save time, of course, but is also linked to their wanting to maximize their positive experience. Because restaurant reviews and, more importantly, menus are online, it was only a matter of time before people started using technology like food delivery services and apps. So the next time you pick up your phone to order and have your food delivered, think. You are now part of a global trend that will see an exponential increase over the next decade.


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