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The Science of Beauty: All You Need to Know About Treating Acne

Acne, feared by teenage boys all over the world. Acne is a skin condition that is quite common and will affect most people at least once in their lifetime. It is characterized by oily skin, red and inflamed spots, and painful skin. Acne most often develops on the face, though can affect the back (where it has come to be known as ‘backne’), and the chest. Acne, while sometimes unavoidable

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How to Become More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Everyone fights their own little battles every day, whether it’s out in the real world or the ones we have within ourselves. The battles we encounter within ourselves are the hardest because we fight them completely alone and our thoughts and insecurities can become overwhelming. However, it is a fight that we all have to go through to reach complete liberation from our inner demons that prevent us from becoming

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What Can You Do to Age More Gracefully?

Getting older is a natural part of life. That being said, you don’t have to sacrifice grace or beauty as you age. If you’re looking for ways to age more gracefully, you’re not alone. Better yet, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you get started. Take Care of Your Hair Whether you choose to go completely gray or not us up to you. But no matter what color you

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Beauty Tips to Help You Age Gracefully

Getting older is a natural part of life that we all go through. But that doesn’t mean you can’t age gracefully! If you’re looking to learn how to age more gracefully, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you age like the beautiful person you are. Be Kind to Your Skin While Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging skin treatments, it’s not

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Sad Your Plastic Surgeon’s Office is Closed Due to COVID? Here’s How to Cope

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have been doing their part to avoid overwhelming the U.S. healthcare system. Although more than one-third of recent office-based physician visits were to primary care doctors, there are those who are doing everything in their power to avoid needing medical care during this time. On the other end of the spectrum, however, are those who are chomping at the bit to

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Restore A More Youthful Appearance With These Tips

Having a youthful appearance is within reach if you take the right steps in taking care of your body. Using these tips, you will be able to achieve a healthier appearance and you also won’t have to worry about acne, wrinkles, or skin problems again. These tips require consistency and you will be surprised by how simple and effective they are. 1. Stay Away from the Sun While the sun

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5 Reasons Why Cleansing Your Skin Is So Important + Best Hair Treatment For Your Inner Flower Child

If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps we have the pick-me up you have been looking for! Brains and beauty. Educate yourself and indulge with the STEAM Hair Treatment and STEAM’s Hand Wash Gift Set. Both of these beauty treatments lavish your body with ingredients from the earth that make you feel happy, healthy, and bring relief to irritated skin, scalp, and hair while locking out harmful germs. To

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