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Essential Safety Tips To Remember When You’re Out Drinking With Your Friends

Nothing beats a night out with the ones you love and care for, but one act of carelessness could ruin the entire experience and maybe even a lifetime. When alcohol is involved in any event or activity, extra care must be taken to prevent things from going south amidst the excitement. This is one reason why drinking is prohibited for people younger than 18/19 because it is believed that anyone

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Sad Your Plastic Surgeon’s Office is Closed Due to COVID? Here’s How to Cope

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have been doing their part to avoid overwhelming the U.S. healthcare system. Although more than one-third of recent office-based physician visits were to primary care doctors, there are those who are doing everything in their power to avoid needing medical care during this time. On the other end of the spectrum, however, are those who are chomping at the bit to

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