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Essential Safety Tips To Remember When You’re Out Drinking With Your Friends

Nothing beats a night out with the ones you love and care for, but one act of carelessness could ruin the entire experience and maybe even a lifetime. When alcohol is involved in any event or activity, extra care must be taken to prevent things from going south amidst the excitement. This is one reason why drinking is prohibited for people younger than 18/19 because it is believed that anyone from that age could be held accountable for their actions.

So, if you’re less than 18, you shouldn’t even be drinking in the first place, not to mention drinking out with friends, and if you’re reading this, then it should be for future reference. To all those 18 and above, hello. This is for you. Perhaps you’ve been invited to an event where you know you won’t resist the urge to drink, and these are some safety tips to remember and keep close to your heart.

1. Know Your Limit and Respect It

Many people like to think that they are more tolerant of alcohol than they are, especially when peer pressure is involved. If this is your first time drinking, try not to have more than a few shots and by a few, maybe keep it between 2 to 3 as you are not yet certain how much alcohol you can stand. If you are not new to the game, you should know how much it takes before you get knocked out, so try not to exceed it. Remember that you are not at your place, and you don’t want to be caught dead drunk in an event where everyone has to run for safety.

2. Keep Your Valuables at Home

You’ve already been advised not to drink above your limits, but we know the pressure to drink more, especially when your friends are cheering you up, so to be safe, don’t go out with all your assets. If it is not absolutely necessary for the event, leave it at home. It is better safe than sorry.

3. Plan Your Departure Ahead of Time

Do this before you even get to the venue and not after you’ve had a drink or two and figured out you probably shouldn’t be driving in that state. As long as you know there would be alcohol involved, make plans to get home safely. If you end up in a car where one of your friends is driving, ensure you know a good drunk driving accident lawyer in Sacramento in the case of any mishaps. You could also order an Uber or have a sober friend (whom you trust) take you home.

4. Watch What You Drink

Trying new stuff is fun and cool until you are asked by the police what you had, and you can’t answer because you can’t even think straight. Go with familiar brands unless you are sure of the content of the new brand being introduced to you. If possible, search the product’s name and check for reviews on how others have reacted to it. Ask questions when you are not certain of what is being served in the glass and by all means, turn it down if they can’t give you a clear answer.

5. Resist The Urge To Mix Stuff

Besides consuming strange drinks, mixing familiar drinks could also pose a risk. Some elements in themselves are not harmful to the system, but they could trigger ugly reactions that you do not want to experience when mixed with other chemicals. It is always safer to stick to what you know and when in doubt, ask questions. You couldn’t go wrong with asking too many questions or searching the internet for answers.

6. Drink More Water

Alcohol is made up of chemicals that absorb the water in your system and leave you dehydrated. When the alcohol level in your bloodstream is high, it could increase the chances of internal harm or affect your cognitive skills. Now, drinking water won’t “dilute” the alcohol already consumed, but it would replace the water being sucked up and also help you slow down on your alcohol intake during the moment.

In some cases, you may go out without the intention of drinking or drinking a lot until your friends come up with the drinking games. This can be a subtle way of pressuring you into drinking more than you should, so it is safer to say “no” to such games right away because once you start the game, it is harder to stop. Alternatively, you could replace your drink with non-alcoholic wine or juice. Your friends may tease you but again, better safe than sorry.


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