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How To Find The Latest News On Your Favorite Celebs

Celebrities are like icons in modern society, and they all have their fanbase. Many are extremely popular, and their pictures and videos are shared worldwide. Celebrities are always getting into relationships, divorcing, or having babies. Because of this, people are always curious about what they did recently and whether they are heading in the right direction. So what are some of the best places where you can catch the latest

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The Digital Age meets Louis Vuitton at Their Series 2 Exhibit

Think about the Series 2 exhibition as a mix of Tupac’s Hologram meets Andy Warhol meets high fashion design house Louis Vuitton. See picture below (photo via) The visuals involved in this exhibition pushed the Digital Age boundaries, and really exposed how far we have come in terms of technology. The picture above is Louis Vuitton‘s Infinite Show, a 360 degree projection of their Spring/Summer 2015 runway presentation. There is

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