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Instagram’s Grammy Luncheon

Invite Only – On Friday, January 24, Instagram will host a luncheon to celebrate women in music during Grammy Weekend.

4 Tips For An Instagram-Ready Smile

Do you avoid showing your teeth when you smile for pictures? You’re certainly not alone. In a 2015 survey, one-quarter of respondents said they very often or occasionally avoided smiling during the past year due to the condition of their mouth and teeth. Approximately 23% said they were embarrassed due to their teeth problems, while 20% experienced anxiety and 14% reduced their social participation as a result. Being embarrassed about

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Janelle Monae x Instagram Fem The Future Brunch

Invite Only – On Friday, February 8, Janelle Monáe and Instagram will host a “Fem The Future” brunch to celebrate the nominated women in music of this year’s awards. Follow along using the hashtag #igxfemthefuture

#FeedTheSweeb New Social Network Launches in LA

Sweeble is the newest social network to sweep across the digital population. On Thursday, June 11 the Sweeble app launched with a celebration amongst the top tech savvy consumers at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Walking into the event everyone seemed to have the same curiosity as to what exactly Sweeble was. All we knew was that the distinguishable blue jellyfish was oddly intriguing and admittedly pretty cool. Equipped

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