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“Who Are You With?” Coachella Recap From the VIPER Door Girls Who You Saw All Weekend.

If you don’t know who the VIPER girls are, you need to climb out from the rock you’re under. These are the girls you see at the doors of tons of LA parties and nightclubs. They are the ones you have to get through in order to access these exclusive events. This past weekend, the VIPER girls migrated to the desert to run the doors of several of the major Coachella parties. We know everyone gets a little crazy in the desert so we’re catching up with them to hear about any funny anecdotes that happened and gain some inside scoop on these wild parties.

VIPER ran the doors of the following events for weekend one:
“Paradise in the Desert” by H.Wood and Apple with Kylie Cosmetics and Pizza Boys
“Desert Nights” by TAO with Revolve and Puma
“The Estate” by Dream Hotel and Republic Records
“Friends Keep Secrets” by Benny Blanco and Interscope
“BMW Recharge Oasis” by H.Wood’s Poppy

1. What was the most random thing that happened with guests at the door?

Well, at one of the parties the DJ told his guests to bring the front door team some coffee and I guess they thought “coffee” was a Coachella code word for Cocaine. So they literally brought drugs instead of coffee because they assumed that’s what he meant! That story is pretty good.

2. Did you guys get offered anything else crazy?!

We have been offered $10k cash before for Coachella parties. (We turned down of course). We get offered drugs and money mostly. People will pretty much do anything to attend these parties in the desert. Unfortunately, VIPER girls are un-payable at doors. We’re a zero-tolerance team for accepting bribes!

3. Did anything occur that would only happen in the desert and was out of your control?

There was one event where the power went out for like 45 minutes. So we literally checked everyone in, in pitch black! Desert conditions are unpredictable so we were prepared to roll with the punches. We didn’t even really mind, we just kept going!

4. You guys did 7 events in 3 days? At what point did you lose your minds?

Um, we lost it sporadically at different moments. We would get up at 9 am, prep for an event, work all day in the sun until like 6 pm. Come back, get ready and prep for the next event and run that from 9 pm to 6 am. Then we’d prep for the next day till 7 am and get back up at 9 am. The schedule was pretty nuts but the VIPER girls are the best for this exact reason. They do what it takes and they are always on point.

5. How do people get put on the lists for these exclusive parties?

All the lists are curated through the people throwing them. If you don’t know someone who works for the nightlife groups, Id probably recommend meeting a promoter or someone who works in PR.

6. Do these parties really live up to the hype?

Absolutely; especially the parties thrown by H.Wood and TAO! Those two groups are nightlife connoisseurs in LA so its no surprise they throw the best parties in the desert.

7. Speaking of H.Wood and TAO, Any noteworthy details about the Poppy Friday night event? Or the TAO x Revolve parties?

Yes! Poppy was incredible. Tons of A-list celebrities inside as well as about 2000 guests. Both Lil Wayne and Diplo performed and it was a launch for Kendall Jenner’s new radio show, “Pizza Boys.” Hanna Kim, the H.Wood Group events director is really incredible at producing parties so anything that she is involved in is guaranteed to be mind-blowing. Their entire team is so good at what they do.

TAO x Revolve was also phenomenal and incredibly well done. They had non-stop celebrities inside, basically anyone you could imagine. At one point Marshmello DJ’ed. They definitely know how to throw an incredible party that you don’t want to miss. On Saturday night they went up against a ton of other parties and still came out on top. It’s really impressive but no surprise!

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