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Wedding Planning Tips for the Eco-Conscious Couple

Wedding trends have changed a lot in the last few decades. For example, the average age of women who got married in 1950 was 20. Now, the average age for women getting married is 26. But much more than that has changed, especially in wedding fashion. Eco-friendliness has become a growing trend for soon-to-be-wed couples everywhere. If you’re planning a wedding and have eco-friendly dreams, here are a few tips to help you plan a wedding that’s gorgeous and green.

Start with Invitations

When you’re creating a theme or a feel for your wedding, the first taste your guests are going to get is in the invitations. No matter what aesthetic you decide on, it’s easy to make eco-friendliness a part of it. First and foremost, have your invitations printed on recycled paper. You could even make your own paper to use for invitations if you wanted to! Once you have your invites ready, send them using recycled materials. Need to send gifts to your bridal party? Consider using recycled boxes to send your packages. Not only will your gifts and invitations have a natural feel, but they’ll also have less of an environmental impact.

Keep Flowers Local and Organic

Did you know that some flowers used for weddings are treated with chemicals that could make the workers who handle them — and subsequently your wedding party — sick? Not only that, but some flowers are treated with additional solutions so they stand up to the shipping process. Fortunately, acquiring beautiful blooms for your wedding doesn’t have to harm people or the environment. And you can even support a small, local flower company while you’re at it! If you have the option available, source your wedding flowers from a flower farm that grows and services customers locally. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you’ll also likely be getting the most beautiful local blooms available. In addition, try to stick to flowers that are in-season. If that’s not quite the look you’re going for, consider using silk or paper flowers instead.

Choose Reusable Favors

If your guests are traveling and don’t want a plantable favor or flowers to carry with them, consider opting for a reusable wedding favor. You could probably support a local business at the same time! A bag of coffee beans from a local roaster, a jar of jam from a farm nearby, or even handmade candles from a local beekeeper are all excellent options to consider. If none of these institutions exist near you, take a gander around your locale to see if there are any small business owners who have reusable items you could use for favors. Maybe there’s a shop that sells mushroom leather journals and you want to gift them to your guests. The leather market might be worth almost $200 billion, but it’s certainly not eco-friendly. Looking for alternatives to traditionally non-eco-friendly products can be easier than you think.

Recycle an Old Dress

There is almost nothing cooler than a vintage wedding dress. It also just happens to be one of the most sustainable wedding fashion options available to you. For many people, wearing a dress from a close relative can be eco-friendly and a fashion dream come true. But if reusing a family dress isn’t an option for you, there are plenty of amazing finds in your local thrift shop. If you can’t find anything that’s quite your style, you don’t have to splurge for a totally new dress. Instead, work with a local tailor to turn a dress that you like into a dress that you love.

Creating an eco-friendly wedding isn’t as challenging as you might think at first. With these tips, you can start planning with style and the environment in mind.


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