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DIY Art Projects that are Worth Your (Quarantine) Time

The global pandemic forced people all around the world to stay indoors to prevent contagion and hopefully, slow down, or even stop the virus from further spreading. If you are already bored, having to stay home for a number of weeks now, perhaps letting your creative juices out can turn things around. Try out some of the art projects below because these are guaranteed worth your quarantine time.

Dazzling Art

Dazzling art, or diamond painting as others refer to it, is slowly becoming a trend nowadays. It levels up your painting experience because the end result is mesmerizing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert at painting to create spectacular dazzling art pieces because there are diamond painting kits that already come with a design that you can follow. The hobbyists from state that to create a mosaic diamond artwork, you have the option of using square or round rhinestones. There is really no significant difference in using a different rhinestone shape because the outcome will still sparkle and shine.

Bubble Painting

If you have kids with you in the house, then for sure they will enjoy making bubble paintings. This DIY art project involves a bit of a science experiment because you will need some dry ice. But the entire process is fairly simple but be sure to use some gloves in handling the dry ice to prevent any burns. Put a nice hefty chunk of dry ice into a bowl full of water and squeeze a generous amount of liquid dish soap. Next is to drop some food coloring into the bubbles. Press a piece of white paper into the colored bubbles, pull it away, and there you have it, your very own bubble paint ready to be framed.


Another great craft that is worthy of your quarantine time is upcycling anything that you can find in your home, whether clothes, food containers, plastic bottles, egg tray, or even stacks of papers. There are numerous sources on the internet that can help you transform your old clothes into fashionable and trendy pieces that you can wear for any occasion. For instance, one of your old shirts can be made into an open back tank top which is perfect for summer. On the other hand, unused food containers can be made into a stackable organizer that can house your crafting materials. Just look around your home and for sure you will be able to find something plain that you can turn into something grand.

Garden Landscapes

Finally, you also have the option of delving into a landscaping project. But if you don’t have a yard, then perhaps now is the time to consider a hanging garden where you can plant the herbs you commonly use for cooking. Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, you will reap some benefits from it too.

You may already feel like it has been forever since you spend time outdoors. You may already miss traveling or meeting up with friends and family. To combat boredom, try making some art projects that will not only make you productive at home during this quarantine period, but you may even discover that you have a hidden art talent too.


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