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Spotify and Adele Host Intimate Album Listening Party for Her Top Fans at Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles

On Monday, Spotify and Adele thrilled her top fans with an exclusive listening event to celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, 30. Fifty of Adele’s most-dedicated fans in the LA area attended the intimate, invite-only event at Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles, where they enjoyed a beautiful soirée with canapés and a fine selection of wines before hearing the album in full, prior to its release on November

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Soho Warehouse: An Open House Preview

Invite Only – Soho Warehouse will preview their new location in Downtown Los Angeles to selected guests.

Soho Warehouse Set to Open in the Arts District in August

For the movers and shakers in Los Angeles, there’s no shortage of high-end health clubs and hotels to wind down and relax in. Even so, it’s exciting when something new pops up, especially when it is a world-renowned brand. This is why there is a lot of excitement and hype surrounding the upcoming opening of Soho Warehouse in Downtown LA this August. This latest branch is a remodeling of a

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The Countdown Soho Warehouse

Invite Only – The Countdown Soho Warehouse with music by Tokimonsta, Chris Cruse and Goddollars, Dance Installation by Ryan Heffington, and art by Bryan Blue and Leticia Maldonado.