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Spotify and Adele Host Intimate Album Listening Party for Her Top Fans at Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles

On Monday, Spotify and Adele thrilled her top fans with an exclusive listening event to celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, 30. Fifty of Adele’s most-dedicated fans in the LA area attended the intimate, invite-only event at Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles, where they enjoyed a beautiful soirée with canapés and a fine selection of wines before hearing the album in full, prior to its release on November 19.

To make the magical evening even more special, fans were treated to a surprise appearance as Adele stunned the crowd when she entered the room. The room erupted as she walked around charming her fans with playful jokes and inviting them to share what they took away from the album, thoughts on their favorite tracks and any personal experiences they felt inspired to share. Adele revealed that she was secretly watching as guests listened to the album in full and was overwhelmed by the genuine fan responses as they danced and cried. Ahead of playing the final two songs, Adele teased that if you were feeling emotional before, prepare yourself for “To Be Loved” which she wrote for her son and may never sing live.

Before exiting the space, she embraced fans while dancing with them and singing to the final track “Love Is A Game” which she explained has a very 60s vibe reminiscent of Marvin Gaye and Amy Winehouse, who is one of her favorite artists and the reason for why she first picked up a guitar.

Photo By: Raven B Varona

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