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How to Stay Entertained Without Leaving Your House – Lifehacks

You may be stuck at home for different reasons. Could be you lost your job, or you can’t get out due to the social distancing rules put up by the authorities. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Thanks to the internet, there are lots of activities you can engage in to have fun. Getting entertained at the comfort of your home comes with some benefits since you don’t

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Activities to Keep You Busy When Stuck At Home

The first case of COVID-19 was reported in China late last year. Since then, life has not been normal. Government agents, alongside health organizations, have been on the forefront spearheading the ‘stay home’ campaigns to curb the spread. The fact that you are used to your busy schedules can see you confused on how to go about with this quarantine lifestyle. If you are not sure of the kind of

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