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How Modern Technology Can Help Prevent The Spread Of Diseases

After last year, there’s no need to argue why it’s crucial for us to stop the spread of diseases and viruses. The coronavirus pandemic spread rapidly around the world in a matter of months. You’ve heard enough about that. What is worth talking about is the role that technology can play in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. The following will explore some wonderful developments that you might

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How to Keep Your Sanity During This Challenging Time

The world is going through very unusual circumstances as we speak. Who would’ve known that a virus would keep us all at home and disrupt our daily lives all of a sudden? Displayed everywhere are guidelines on how to stay safe from Covid-19. Those guidelines include washing our hands, wearing a mask, and keeping a social distance. What is equally important, though, is taking care of our mental health. It’s

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COVID-19 and Fashion: How the Virus is Changing the Industry (And Our Personal Style)

It’s easy to argue that COVID-19 has impacted virtually every aspect of our daily lives. All you need to do is look around you to notice that you’re probably at home instead of the office. You might see your children trying to learn remotely or notice your neighbors wearing masks when they venture outside their doors. All of this change is being embraced (by most, at least) in an effort

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3 Tips To Take Care of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

The spread of the coronavirus has changed life for practically every person in the country but in many different ways. Some people are more financially impacted by massive layoffs while others may feel more of an emotional impact from widespread stay-at-home orders. For those who already experience certain mental health conditions, the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting quarantine have amplified their struggles. Let’s take a look at how you can prioritize

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What to Do About Travel Plans in the Time of COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 around the world has changed practically every part of life as we knew it. With various countries in lockdown and enforcing travel bans, how we travel is one of the most affected aspects of our regular lives. No one knows quite how long countries need to be in lockdown, when it’s safe to reopen borders, or which areas of the world might be hit next. For

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Activities to Keep You Busy When Stuck At Home

The first case of COVID-19 was reported in China late last year. Since then, life has not been normal. Government agents, alongside health organizations, have been on the forefront spearheading the ‘stay home’ campaigns to curb the spread. The fact that you are used to your busy schedules can see you confused on how to go about with this quarantine lifestyle. If you are not sure of the kind of

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