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The Reasons Behind The Growth Of 3D Printing

Ever wonder why 3D printing is increasingly gaining popularity in different sectors? Essentially, 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing, and it involves the process of making three-dimensional objects from digital files. An additive process includes the use of laying successive layers of thin material until the object you want is created. 3D printing is used in different industrial applications, and the technology can be customized to suit the needs

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Lily Collins, Peyton List, Jessie Metcalfe, Cara Santana and more celebrate the opening of Beau Dunn’s Plastic exhibition at De Re Gallery

In an exhibit space where modern prodigies mingle with established masters, De Re Gallery debuted its Plastic exhibition by contemporary artist Beau Dunn on Thursday, November 17. Plastic reflects society’s obsession with beauty, age, and fame, a tribute to the Barbies of Beverly Hills. Art collectors and enthusiasts, celebrities and VIP guests showed up to support the artists. Prominent guests include Lily Collins, Peyton List, Jessie Metcalfe, Cara Santana, Alessandra

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