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The Reasons Behind The Growth Of 3D Printing

Ever wonder why 3D printing is increasingly gaining popularity in different sectors? Essentially, 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing, and it involves the process of making three-dimensional objects from digital files. An additive process includes the use of laying successive layers of thin material until the object you want is created. 3D printing is used in different industrial applications, and the technology can be customized to suit the needs of various developers. As a result, this new manufacturing technology is increasingly gaining popularity in different sectors. Read on to learn the reasons behind the growth of 3D printing and how useful this tech can be when it comes to customization.

3D Printing is Versatile

As of 2019, the 3D printing market value was estimated to be around USD 11.58 billion. It is expected to grow more by 14 % from 2020 to 2027. In 2018 alone, more than 1,42 million 3D printers were shipped to different places across the globe, and the figure is anticipated to surpass 8.5 million units in 2027. The main reason for this growth is that there is an increasing demand for prototyping applications in various industries.

3D printing applies to almost every industry, but it is widespread in the automotive, healthcare, defense, and aerospace. The main advantage of using this technology is that it is efficient. It also promotes precision in the development of a variety of objects. Additionally, 3D printing technology can be used in manufacturing consumer products like footwear, furniture, and eyewear. 3D is also applied in the design and manufacture of industrial products, prosthetics, and dental products. You can also apply the technology to replicate ancient artifacts, reconstruct evidence and fossils.

Customize Your Product

If you are using a 3D printer to develop various products, there is a broad range of materials that you can use. The popular materials include plastic, resin, and metal. The good thing about these materials is that they can be customized to produce any product. Professional developers at explain that it is vital to choose the best printer to meet your diverse needs. You can also use 3D printing for rapid or custom manufacturing of a variety of products. Additionally, you can quickly test the product and make the necessary changes.

Product Development

Since the early 1980s, different firms have used 3D printers to create prototypes, and the process is also known as rapid prototyping. Product development is not easy or cheap, especially if you are using traditional methods of manufacturing. However, a desktop 3D printer allows the product developers to test a variety of samples at a lower cost. Before launching a product on the market, it is critical to test it to ensure that it suits the needs of the intended users. Because a 3D printer can be used in the design and development of any product, the technology is growing rapidly. Many people are adopting the printing technology for small-scale and commercial businesses as well.

3D Printing is Environmental Friendly

Another notable aspect of 3D printing is that it does not wrongfully impact the environment. Compared to traditional manufacturing, 3D printing consists of the optimized design of products which helps to reduce wastage of metals and carbon footprint. The technology also enables automobile manufacturers to produce engines that are 25% lighter than the traditional ones. When using 3D technology, less material is used and the engines are designed to improve fuel efficiency which also leads to a reduction in carbon footprint.

3D Printing is Affordable

More importantly, 3D printing is affordable, and this is helping to drive the growth of the industry. Many companies often encounter challenges concerning the development of promotional goods because they are costly. However, 3D technology offers an affordable option that can help organizations meet their promotional and marketing needs at a low cost. All you need to do is to choose the right printer that can help you create different items.

3D printing is an innovative technology that allows developers to create physical objects from digital models. You need to create a design on your computer then transfer the file to the 3D printer and make your desired object. This technology was designed in the 1980s, and it has evolved to be used in different industries to develop prototypes of certain specifications. Nowadays, 3D printing is used in diverse industries, and it can be customized to meet precise specifications. All these factors have contributed to the rapid growth of this manufacturing technology. The technology is affordable, and it is also environmentally friendly.


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