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The Most Famous Artist Paints Block of LA Homes Pink in Controversial Art Project

This weekend, The Most Famous Artist and Nomadica Wine launched Pink River Rosé at a pop up art installation in Los Angeles. Matty Mo aka The Most Famous Artist decided to paint a block of mid-Century homes slated for demolition bright pink in the name of art and to celebrate the launch of his artwork on the latest limited edition series of Nomadica Wine on National Rosé Day. This ephemeral

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Talk Shop with ‘The Most Famous Artist,’ Matty Mo

RSVP – It’s Lumis last Talk Shop of the year and our guest is Matty Mo. Three years ago, his tech career went bust after a video surfaced that put his company’s acquisition on hold. Since leaving the Silicon Valley scene, he has spearheaded an artist collective dubbed “The Most Famous Artist” ( and it’s living up to the name. The Most Famous Artist is fueled by and founded on

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