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Sony Kicks Off ‘Lost In Music’ Ft. Khalid

Invite Only – An exclusive, epic, and immersive event to kick off Sony’s second annual Lost in Music campaign this coming January 19th. The second installation will once again captivate audiences, enabling them to rethink reality as they immerse themselves in music through experiences created through the freshest Sony music technology. Featuring performances by the hottest live acts, the evening will be headlined by 19-year-old GRAMMY-nominated pop prodigy, Khalid.

Finding the Chainsmokers at Sony’s “Lost in Music” Event

When Sony announced their “Lost in Music” event, it was shrouded in mystery. Their event list promised an “unparalleled music experience,” going on to mention VR, live performances, and above all, a promise to get lost in music. The headliner wasn’t announced until the day of, being The Chainsmokers, and only a handful were able to get tickets when the news was made public. Not much else was known. The

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