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What Happens When Both You And Someone Else Split The Blame For A Car Crash

The aim of pursuing a compensation claim after a road accident, other than getting compensated, of course, is to hold the other party responsible for your damages. If you prove that the defendant is responsible, they are 100% liable to pay compensation. However, the defendant may argue that you were also partly to blame for the accident which can lead to what is known as split liability. There are different

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How to Build a Powerful Car Accident Case: A 6 Step Guide

When you are injured through an accident caused by someone’s fault, the law states that the at-fault insurance company must compensate you for the damages and injuries sustained. However, compensation doesn’t come straightforward. You have to build a case that leads to the ultimate decision to get compensated and at how much. Do you know how to build that case? Not many people know this, and they create a weaker

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