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4xFAR Presented by Land Rover – Music and Adventure Festival

Ticketed – Land Rover presents 4xFAR, a weekend festival featuring live performances from some of the music industry’s most celebrated artists, along with culinary and adventure experiences for people with a passion for exploring the unknown. Designed to celebrate the launch of the 2020 Land Rover Defender, 4xFAR will also be an opportunity for festival attendees to experience the full range of Land Rover vehicles on purpose-built, off-road courses. 4xFAR

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Deus Presents Parking Lot D’Elegance

Open – A multitude of series I + II Landies will be wrangled by @sinuhexavier to celebrate the 70th year of the Land Rover marque. Sip on some Madre Mezcal Marys or a cold brew whilst roving the terrain of the Deus Emporium, admiring some of the finest Landies the Cali state has to offer.