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Kanye Loves Kanye

Ticketed – Kanye Loves Kanye is back for a fresh Yeezy Party, Get down go ahead get down to Kanye Music and enjoy Kanye everything including Yeezy Drink Specials, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Photobooth, Giveaways and much more!

Our Favorite LA Events: The Week Of October 2nd – 8th featuring Kanye West, Matt Groening and Much More!

Hey, we get it – Los Angeles is a big city. Not only are there endless opportunities for coffee stops, beach visits, and celebrity sightings, but the metropolis also boasts an absolutely massive catalogue of events. Even on a daily basis, the list of things to do can certainly seem a little overwhelming at times. Somewhere, among the hazy smog that engulfs the city, lies a hotbed of culture and

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A Yeezy Birthday Party

RSVP – “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY I DESERVE TO BE GREEDY HUH!?” Your favorite Kanye Tribute Party is back this time to celebrate Ye’s Birthday presents by Kanye loves Kanye.

Kanye Loves Kanye: 808s & Heartbreak

RSVP – Your Favorite Kanye Tribute Party is showing you love with their special pre-valentine’s Ye Party – Kanye Loves Kanye: 808s & Heartbreak.

Kanye Loves Kanye: I Miss the Old Kanye – Glow in the Dark Party

Ticketed – Kanye Loves Kanye: I Miss the Old Kanye – Glow in the Dark Party at the Reserve.

Kanye Loves Kanye Presents: Famous

RSVP – Your favorite Kanye Tribute party is back with yeezy everything. Email [email protected] FOR BOTTLE & TABLE SERVICE DETAILS