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Our Favorite LA Events: The Week Of January 22nd – January 28th featuring Bill Withers, Free Museums and Much More!

Hey, we get it – Los Angeles is a big city. Not only are there endless opportunities for coffee stops, beach visits, and celebrity sightings, but the metropolis also boasts an absolutely massive catalogue of events. Even on a daily basis, the list of things to do can certainly seem a little overwhelming at times.

Somewhere, among the hazy smog that engulfs the city, lies a hotbed of culture and entertainment – you just have to sift through the haze to find what’s best. That’s why we over at LA Guestlist have done the work for you and put together the seven hottest, freshest, and most Los Angeles events we could find for you in the week of January 22nd – January 28th. Something for you each and every night.

We’ll try not to break your wallet, either.



Spend your Monday night soaking in a ton of music at Payso B’s official birthday party and mixtape release event. The show will feature performances by Overdoz, Ray J, Khalil, and many, many more.

Tickets are available here


  • Bad Taste: Vinyl & VHS Party

Head on over to Cha Cha Lounge on Tuesday for a night being promoted as featuring “the wildest and most primitive rock, punk, and garage spun on vinyl, with far out and demented flicks on VHS.” Sounds like an interesting night no matter what. $3 PBR’s all night, too.

The night kicks off at 10 PM. Entrance is free.


  • Breaking Sound LA

Showcasing the hottest emerging artists from the Los Angeles area, ‘Breaking Sound’ gives you an all access pass into what’s soon to be hot before everyone else is in on it. Acts include Stalgia, Chanel & the Circus, and many more.

You can grab tickets here. 


  • HollyShorts January Screenings

HollyShorts, one of the most revered film festivals in the circuit, is holding monthly screenings featuring carefully curated favorites submitted to them. This month, pick between the 7 PM and 9:30 PM showings and discover some amazing cinema! Don’t forget to look out for information regarding the official 2018 festival soon.

You can grab tickets here.


  • Glazed

A very secretive show. To be perfectly honest, we’re not 100% what’s in store here, as absolutely no information, including the performers, or even address will be revealed until the day of. However, we’ve been doing this long enough that we’re pretty sure this is the event you’ll want to be at tonight.

You can RSVP here – and will receive more information to your phone when the time comes. 


  • Tribute to Bill Withers

This sounds very cool – a complete recreation of Bill Withers’ record ‘1972 Live at Carnegie Hall.’ Featuring artists such as Cameron Forbes, Judith Hill, and more, for the price of admission, it doesn’t get much better than this.

You can grab tickets here


  • Free-For-All-Day

This Sunday, dozens of museums are opening up their doors to offer free admission to anybody who wants it. Participating museums include MOCA, The Paley Center for Media, Pasadena Museum for Art, Japanese American National Museum, and much more.

You can read more, including the entire list of participating museums here.


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