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Turn Style Into Profits: How to Start a Jewelry Business Online

Need a profitable business idea? Turn your passion for jewelry into a thriving business! Learn how to start a jewelry business online step-by-step.

If you’re a fan of that spark of joy when you finalize a purchase at your favorite eCommerce store, you’re far from alone. In fact, most Americans know and love that feeling. 76% of US consumers shop online, which shows that online shopping is one of the most prolific ways to shop. This market is only expected to grow in the future, so investing in an online business is a worthwhile and respectable endeavor. If you love to create jewelry, you may have wondered how to start a jewelry business online before. That’s what we’re going to discuss here today, so read on to learn how to turn your passion into profit!

Have a Unique Product

Of course, the first step to starting any business is to make sure that you have unique products for sale. If your products aren’t interesting to consumers, your business will be over before it begins. Luckily, you likely already have some ideas about what you want to sell. Consider what makes these pieces unique and accentuate the qualities that you identify. You want to have a repertoire that’s more expansive than a single item, so think about ways that you can put a twist on the jewelry that you create. Selling necklaces is awesome, but why not sell bracelets, rings, and earrings, too?

You also will want to create products in a variety of colors and styles. However, at the bottom of it all, there needs to be something that ties every piece together. The jewelry needs to be on-brand. This can be anything from materials used, placement of stones, or simply a handmade aesthetic.

Choose an eCommerce Platform

Once you have something to sell, you’ll need a place to market them to your consumers. This means choosing an eCommerce platform that works for you. There are several common platforms that you can choose from. While many people choose to set up an Etsy shop, this is an idea that’s best done in conjunction with a personally-designed website.

Some of the most popular platforms for this are Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Each of these web design platforms allows you to take a pre-existing template and make it your own. You can change the page to display your brand colors, create a navigation system that works for you, and insert product images.

However, these platforms also have their differences. For example, Shopify costs between $29-299 a month, and various features are included in each plan. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is free but comes with no extra features. You need to pay for a domain name, web hosting, and security features for both yourself and customers.

Do your research and find the best option for your individual needs!

Build an Engaging Website

In the name of branding your business, your logo needs to be a prominent feature on your webpage. You also should display your name boldly and clearly and use your brand’s colors and symbols. These aspects of branding all make your shop more memorable to the consumer (which makes them more likely to come back.)

In order to engage people and get them to buy your jewelry, you’ll need to design a website that they’re willing- and excited- to browse. This means using appropriate colors, bold, clear text, product images that showcase your best pieces, and user-friendly navigation. For a good example of a well-designed navigation system, check out this (awesome) wholesale diamond jewelry shop. You’ll notice that there are ways to filter through the pieces on the left-hand side of the webpage. This makes it easy to find wholesale jewelry in your size, favorite style, and preferred metal. You can also easily choose your stone and the setting that you want it in.

Additionally, note the clarity of the product images on the website. When designing your eCommerce shop, you always want to take close-up, detailed photographs of the jewelry that you have for sale. Make sure to take more than one photo so that you can show off your handmade pieces from multiple angles. This will give the consumer a better idea of what they’re buying. Once your page is engaging, you will need to set up payment and billing methods. Make sure that people can pay by credit/debit, PayPal, Venmo, and other digital wallet technology. Make sure that it’s easy and secure to enter information into the site and create an option to create an account and save payment information for next time!

How to Start a Jewelry Business Online and Market Appropriately

Once your website is built, you’re going to need to get the word about your business out there. 92% of consumers don’t bother to click past the first page in Google when searching for a product. Because of this, you’ll need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to boost your store into the first page.

Professionals will use a combination of keywords and link-building to make your site appeal to search engine crawlers. This is a surefire way to generate traffic! Additionally, social media is a great way to market a jewelry business. Since your primary customers are likely younger women, you want to be on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Showcase your jewelry through images and run promotions on these social media platforms. Make sure that your page as a whole is appealing to your target audience!

Now that you know how to start a jewelry business online, it’s time to get cracking! Check out the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of our website and enter any keywords relating to growing a budding business. Here, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to ensure that your jewelry eCommerce shop is successful. Then, you can get excited to share your passion with others for many years to come!

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