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How Technologies Can Influence on Climate Changes

The environment has undergone many changes throughout the past decade. Some scientists believe that these rather negative changes are the effects of increasing technologies playing more useful roles in our lives while others think that climate change can be positively affected by technological advancements. While the debate is open and there are many people on both sides, today’s article will focus on the positives, meaning how technologies can positively influence climate change. We will touch on the negative effects of these technological developments, but this will not be the main topic of our article today.

Technology Helped Identify The Problem

The Environmental Defense Fund has come up with serious measures for tracking methane emissions the U.S. oil and gas sector no more than five years ago. Involving thousands of researchers and scientists, they found out that these sectors emit 13 million tons of methane per year, which overwent the Environmental Defense Fund’s expectations by 60%. These emissions can be controlled and supervised, we find out now, and it is often not as challenging to do so. Technologies around the world helped unite efforts into determining the new regulations that must take place from now on. Had we not had these technologies available to gather data and publish it, we wouldn’t have been able to prevent the problem from expanding. In the United States alone, states such as California, Colorado, or Pennsylvania declared “war” on oil emission and gas production and issues new state policies that changed the climate for the better.

Setting a Global Goal

By using existing technologies, the International Energy Agency confirms that gas methane and oil emissions could be reduced by 75% in the near future. The cost for these reductions would be minimal compared to what would have happened globally if we waited to find out about this issue any longer. Thus, countries all across the world united efforts into setting a new global goal, which is reducing gas emissions by 45% by the year 2025. The data and the efforts that the countries are agreeing to make are thanks to the new era of digitalization in this research industry. Some examples include low-cost gas sensors and monitoring devices to track the amount of gas methane and oil emissions per day, month, and year.

More than that, many other companies across the globe are working together in an effort to continue testing technologies that might be of great benefit to our Planet. One of these technologies is a mobile tracking device for gas detection using drones and other aircraft. The more companies and countries involved in these efforts, the better. Keeping data transparent is a crucial milestone in connecting industries across the world and helping our environment become healthier by day. To find out more about the problems connected to this highly important issue, students can check some interesting and completed climate change essay samples to learn from highly reliable authors and writers. Climate change will always be a part of our educational curriculum, so the sooner, the better.

Sensors Should Help People Calm Down

The population understands now the effects of climate change and the importance of technological development in resolving this issue. However, some believe that we should not be placing advanced sensor technologies into our system soon than necessary. We don’t know if these opinions should be considered accurate since we have seen the positive impact that technology can have on saving millions of lives and hundreds of dollars’ worth of global energy.

Big companies such as Google have already started to use car mapping air pollution to track the effect these gases have on people’s health. They are looking to expand this system by encouraging people to wear bracelets that can track each person’s daily exposure to chemicals. Our environment must be protected, and we are the only ones who can make a change.

Of course, on top of all of this happening, we could also help by consuming fewer toxic foods and meat and improving our accountability on energy use. Profits and pleasures that hurt our environment are not merely as important as keeping this Planet alive and going. In the end, we should respect nature as much as she respects us.

Author: James Collins is a freelance writer and blogger for an environmental magazine. His main goal is bringing awareness towards climate change and making a real difference in the world. James like to travel and volunteers often.

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