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The Los Angeles Derby brings a New Form of Culture to Los Angeles

Soccer has its very own subculture that encompasses a variety of different things. There is a language around soccer, there is a fashion as well as a sense of kinship and commitment that doesn’t necessarily come in other sports. Soccer has always had a real coolness around it from classic players to cool managers to fashion icons like David Beckham and Andrea Pirlo who brought an effortless contemporary cool to sports fans. Beckham was, of course, a pioneer in Los Angeles and brought something new to the city, he was not just a sports star he was a global icon who gave the city new eyes and changed the way sports stars were viewed. Now there is a new wave set to hit the city as LAFC, the newly formed team, face LA Galaxy the team of Beckham in a derby game that will likely light up the city. It will bring a new kind of culture of the city it will introduce new trends and new clashes. It will divide the city in a new way and the fact that there is coverage of it from across the world suggests that it will bring more attention to a city that already gets its fair share.

One of the things that makes it so interesting is the contrast between the two clubs. LA Galaxy are the classic aristocrat, they are a night in Monte Carlo, they are like the games at Spin Palace online casino, elegant, exciting and reliable. The Galaxy have long been successful and really pioneered soccer in the United States in the 1990’s. They have since had some very special players play for them and with the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic they are continuing to bring in players that are known across the world. LAFC on the other hand are the new kids on the block and aiming to cultivate an image of being a fresh club that have been built from the ground up. When you consider they have a huge onwernshop group that contains Will Ferrell, Vincent Tan and Mia Hamm (the former USWNT player), that seems a little over the top, but it is clear they are going for a cool contrast that tries to set the team apart. There is also a degree of geographical difference as one plays right in the centre of the city and the other in a suburb.

What this rivalry will bring to the city, from a cultural point of view, is new ways of expression and a supporter culture. Chanting, signing, cool new clothes, stickers, flags, flares and passion. Soccer can permeate and change cities, it can really get deep into a city and for some cities across the world soccer is a key part of their appeal. It is the dawn of a new era in Los Angeles sports and a derby is always interesting, exciting and special. It remains to be seen who will be crowned the first Kings of LA but we should get to see some great contests in the coming years.


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