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The House at the Top of Runyon Canyon is the Marijuana Mansion and It’s Everything and Then Some

Out of all of my partying coverage, nothing compares to the Marijuana Mansion that resides at the very top of the Hollywood Hills. It is the mansion at the top of Runyon Canyon where they built stairs for the public to give it more privacy. If you hike Runyon, you know exactly which house I am talking about.

The owner of this insane estate is none other than Big Mike who is CEO of Advanced Nutrients, a marijuana-specific nutrient and supplement that does wonders for growers. Some people call him the Dan Bilzerian of pot. He threw a lavish party at the Marijuana Mansion on Saturday August 12th where guests enjoyed tunes, fresh seafood, an endless amount of weed and so on. Guests such as Jonathan Daniel Brown from Kid Cannabis and Ronnie from Jersey Shore had a great time mingling with the crowd.

The thing is, if you go to a party where everyone is stoned with tons of delicious food, you realize what you would need to spread World Peace. Big Mike (@marijuanadon), who is a 6ft 7in sweetheart, really knows how to take care of his guests.


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