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The Best Downtime Tips for LA Girls

LAX is a metropolitan area filled with restaurants, bars, and world-class museums. As well as this, it offers sunny weather all year round, white sandy beaches, and palm trees lining the streets. It is also known for towns such as Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, meaning you can do plenty of celeb spotting. With so much to see and do in LA, there is no doubt your itinerary will be filled to the brim. However, whether you are in LA for business or pleasure, it’s important to factor in some downtime so that you don’t arrive back home in need of another vacation. Here are some things you can do that won’t take up too much energy.

Wind Down with a Good Book

It’s always a good idea to pack a good book or two in your carry-on luggage since there is plenty of time at the airport and on the plane to get stuck into a thrilling storyline. Reading is a great activity to reduce your stress levels since you can simply forget about whatever is going on around you. If you have any downtime once you get to your destination, why not bring your book along to the beach, find a sun lounger, and settle down for a couple of hours? As well as soaking up the rays and vitamin D, you will be exercising your mind and even building your knowledge of the surrounding area if you choose a book based on a place similar to where you are staying.

Try Online Gaming

If you are looking for something to do of an evening that doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your hotel room, try a spot of online gaming. It’s easy to log into any number of online gaming sites from home or a hotel room. Games come in all shapes and sizes, and some offer a chance to chat with others while you play. Why not consider opening an account with an online casino? There are many sites to choose from that offer generous bonuses when you sign up, meaning you get more for your money. You can read more on the official BonusFinder website. You’ll get access to hundreds of games, which you’d never have the time to search through on foot in a bricks and mortar casino.

Go for a Walk

Since exercise is a great way to reduce stress and improve physical and mental well-being, one of the best things to do in your downtime is to go for a walk. There are plenty of beautiful areas in LA that you can check out, including the Venice Canals and Pacific Palisades. Pacific Palisades is an extremely safe neighborhood where you can take a stroll through its picturesque streets and take in the views of the ocean below. You’ll also come across an outdoor shopping complex where you can fit in some retail therapy and stop for a bite to eat. Taking the time to really immerse yourself in the local area can expand your mind and knowledge and even spark creativity.

Try Something New

If you would rather fill your downtime with something a bit more high-energy, why not consider trying a new activity or hobby? Trying new experiences and stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a great way to stimulate your brain and expand your horizons. This could include trying a new sport, taking a hot yoga class, or learning to surf at Venice Beach. Downtime is a necessary aspect of our lives that allows us to recharge, reflect, and rejuvenate. It helps us maintain a healthy work-life balance and prevent burnout.


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