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Sean Baker: A ‘Tangerine’ Case Study

Ticketed – ‘Tangerine’ is one of the most daring and original cinematic experiences of the year. Shot on an iPhone 5s with first-time actors, it is a visually stunning film populated with real and fresh performances. Join Film Independent director Sean Baker and members of his creative team explore his unique filmmaking approach and journey to bring dynamic stories that resonate with us to the screen.

Watch: KENZO Premieres “Snowbird” directed by Sean Baker at Hollywood American Legion Post 43

KENZO stopped by Los Angeles to give us a taste of their Spring-Summer 2016 collection through the world premiere of their short film entitled Snowbird. The new film was written and directed by Sean Baker, who got a lot of buzz for shooting Tangerine entirely on an iPhone. Snowbird was shot entirely on an iPhone as well which stars Abbey Lee in her latest role since appearing in the blockbuster

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Tangerine (Hosted by Caitlyn Jenner)

RSVP – Caitlyn Jenner will screen ‘Tangerine’ at the Landmark Theater West LA prior to the upcoming Award Season. ‘Tangerine’ is a breakthrough movie because it was shot entirely on an Iphone. RSVP: [email protected]