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Everything You Need to Know about Ferrari Maintenance

Ferraris are luxury automobiles that offer prestige and performance in one exquisite machine. It’s easy to fall in love with them and having one will always be a source of pride. But like any other car, your Ferrari is not impervious to neglect and bad maintenance. It will start to underperform and would look mediocre if the owner doesn’t know how to keep it in top condition. There are some

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Gagosian Gallery: Adriana Varejão “Interiors”

Open – Gagosian Gallery presents the Opening of Adriana Varejão “Interiors”Embodying the fraught pluralism of Brazilian identity and the diverse implications of social, cultural, and aesthetic exchange, Varejão’s unprecedented artistic forms—which encompass painting, sculpture, and video installation—reach across time and place, exposing the multivalent nature of history, memory, and cultural representation.