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Cinespia Presents “Roman Holiday”

Ticketed – Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the radiant and stylish love story that made Audrey Hepburn into Hollywood’s favorite Valentine! Fall in love with this classic all over again in the Los Angeles Theatre, a fairy-tale movie palace with crystal chandeliers, golden angels and opulent decor. A modern-day European princess escapes the castle in order to experience the romance of Rome on her own terms. Princess Ann travels in disguise

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Cinespia Presents “Poetic Justice”

Ticketed – 25th Anniversary Screening! Watch the ’90s classic road trip romance in a beautiful movie palace in Downtown Los Angeles, just in time for Valentines weekend. Superstar Janet Jackson makes her effervescent screen debut as hairdresser and writer Justice, who turns to writing poetry to help her deal with the death of her boyfriend. During a chance car ride to Oakland with best friend Iesha (Regina King), Justice gets

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Cinespia Presents “Home Alone” Pajama Party

Ticketed – This year Cinespia is having a pajama party with Macaulay Culkin. Starring as know-it-all kid Kevin McCallister, he lives the childhood dream when he wakes up to find his family has vanished. Accidentally left behind from the family trip, Kevin lives it up with endless junk food, his brother Buzz’s secret stash and all the naughty movies he can handle.

Cinespia Presents “Labyrinth + Masquerade”

Ticketed – A Halloween weekend phantasmagoria at a gothic movie palace! Join us for a dreamy night of fantasy, magic and a masquerade ball in one of the most opulent movie palaces in the world! The dark musical fable features the superstar who fell to earth David Bowie in his enchanting role as the glam rock fairy-tale dandy, Jareth the Goblin King, supported by a cast of bewitching monsters from

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Cinespia Presents “The Night of the Living Dead”

Ticketed – Intelligent, crafty and terrifying, the late great George Romero single-handedly started the zombie horror genre. A group of desperate individuals (led by Duane Jones) seeks refuge in an abandoned house to escape flesh-eating zombies ready to feast. The sanctuary becomes a prison as the captives struggle to keep the cannibalistic dead out and any sense of order in. A master of horror, Romero became a star as his

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Cinespia Presents “GhostBusters”

Ticketed – Start the Halloween season with the spooky comedy that became a smash hit! Comedy greats Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson star as the original GHOSTBUSTERS. After being fired from a university, the DIY spectre ejectors go into business for themselves and offer their services for all supernatural elimination needs. Catching ghosts all over the city, the four intrepid men become overnight celebrities. But when

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Cinespia Presents “Romeo + Juliet”

Ticketed – Parting is such sweet sorrow, Cinespia’s last screening of the summer is not to be missed. Join us for Baz Luhrmann’s vivid 90’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet under open skies. Starring everyone’s ultimate crush Leonardo DiCaprio as the hopeless romantic Romeo and Claire Danes as the celestial young Juliet. The beauty of the Bard and the flash of Baz meld perfectly to retell this timeless tale,

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Cinespia’s 7th Annual Slumber Party

Ticketed – The 7th Annual Movies All Night celebration at Cinespia is back! Tickets for The Big Lebowski are sold out, a limited amount of tickets for our midnight double feature of ‘Half Baked’ and ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ are now available. Entry to the party starts at 11:30 pm movies start at Midnight. The Photo Booth will be open and DJ Nobody (Low End Theory) will spin

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Johnny Ramone Tribute 2017 + “Buffalo 66” Screening

Ticketed – Linda Ramone presents the annual tribute to punk rock legend Johnny Ramone, July 30 at Hollywood Forever. A very fun event celebrating some cool things Johnny loved, like cult films, horror movies, collectibles and rock n’ roll. Under the stars and moonlight on the Fairbanks Lawn, this year’s theme features a screening of one of Johnny’s favorite films, 1998’s cult classic Buffalo ’66, introduced by its eccentric star

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Cinespia Presents the 10 Year Anniversary of “Superbad”

Ticketed – High school misfits Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are best friends with a mission: Get alcohol for the coolest girl in class (Emma Stone) and her party. They’ll do anything to make it happen and when a liquor store robbery changes the course of their epic night, the hilarity begins. Smart, funny and heartfelt, Superbad is a modern classic that launched the careers of Jonah Hill, Michael Cera

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