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Beautiful House Plants You Will Love Looking Out For

What else feels like having a baby if not acquiring new house plants. You nurture them, feed them and watch them add so much beauty to your life. House plants are known to be easy maintenance that can be cared for by someone who isn’t a green thumb. Owning house plants is also a great way to purify the air around you. It adds some outdoor touch to the aesthetics

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The Science of Beauty: All You Need to Know About Treating Acne

Acne, feared by teenage boys all over the world. Acne is a skin condition that is quite common and will affect most people at least once in their lifetime. It is characterized by oily skin, red and inflamed spots, and painful skin. Acne most often develops on the face, though can affect the back (where it has come to be known as ‘backne’), and the chest. Acne, while sometimes unavoidable

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