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Steve Aoki Launches Pizzaoki, a one of a kind Pizza Experience available through Postmates and UberEats

Grammy-nominated DJ, producer and business mogul Steve Aoki is switching gears from cakes and DJ booths to pizza pies and ovens, and introduces Pizzaoki, a collaboration between Steve and The Family Style Inc. restaurant group. The concept brings together two key things in Steve’s life: pizza and a good time. Already a proven restaurateur, Steve is launching Pizzaoki on the belief that pizza, like music, is universally loved and enjoyed by all. Pizzaoki has five locations throughout Los Angeles. The menu offers a full pizza selection including some of Steve’s favorites and all made with his mother’s signature “Mama Aoki” sauce. Pizzaoki is available via pick-up and delivery through, Postmates and UberEats, and soon on However, plans for a flagship retail location are in the works. Utilizing advancements in logistical technology, Steve believes Pizzaoki will be able to offer his delicious and one of a kind pizza menu to tens of thousands of consumers all over the country within the next few years with locations planned to launch in multiple cities throughout 2019.


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