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Spotify hosted a Celestial Celebration of the Newly-Launched Cosmic Playlists Lizzo & Celebrity Astrologer Chani Nicholas

On January 23rd, Spotify hosted a celestial celebration of the newly-launched Cosmic Playlists in Los Angeles, with a performance by artist Lizzo and Q&A with celebrity astrologer Chani Nicholas. To kick off the night, guests were treated to a sound bath ritual (courtesy of Forestfind). Following the sound bath, Chani and Lizzo took to the stage. Chani gave Lizzo an electrifying astrological reading, divulging what the singer can expect in the new year as a Taurus with Leo Rising. Chani highlighted that Lizzo’s 2019 will be a year of creating music that brings joy to the world, with her creative process coming to fruition in Summer 2019. Upon hearing that her life has been dedicated to hard work, Lizzo chimed in, “In the words of Rihanna, all I do is work, work, work, work, work!”

Following the Q&A with Chani, Lizzo took to the stage, getting the crowd dancing to her hit songs including new single, Juice and fan favorite, Good As Hell. In true Lizzo fashion, she empowered the crowd throughout her performance, ending the set with the advice, “Stay balanced. You are the light of the world.” Throughout the evening, guests were emerged in the Cosmic nature of the event including stations providing temporary zodiac tattoos, the opportunity to create customized pocket crystals, and imbibe on cosmic-themed cocktails. Chani Nicholas collaborated with Spotify to create the new Cosmic Playlists, which were inspired by her astrological readings. Whatever star sign you are, you can check in every month for a new set of songs to match your personal astrological makeup —or take a listen to all twelve unique playlists by visiting the Pop Culture hub.

Photo By: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spotify

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