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Proven Health Benefits Of Eating Organic Food

It is expected for the organic food industry to grow larger in the near future since the business itself is booming. Many consumers purchase organic products not only because it is good for the environment to do so, but because of the benefits organic food has when it comes to health.

It would depend on who you ask, what health benefits are from going organic, and which studies you would consult. All in all, the majority of these claims were supported by scientific research, which is the most reliable source. Here are some of them which have already been proven.

Omega-3 Acid Increase

The conventional milk and meat products do not have as much omega-3 fatty acid as an organic version of these products would have according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Non-organic milk is more saturated than organic milk, which was also shown by this research.

The reason would be the way the livestock was raised. To be precise, animals that were raised more “organically” have had access to the outdoor environments and grass fields. The omega-3 intake is greatly increased when switching from conventional to organic products. Professionals at would also agree that in organic products, there are more heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Public health risks would be greatly reduced with the consumption of only organic products. In vegetables and fruits, which were raised in organic ways, there is a higher percentage of other beneficial nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin c, and phosphorus. If you are thinking of going organic, this date will be proven valuable to you for obvious reasons.

Small Chemical Exposure

Farmworkers, their families, as well as consumers have reduced public health risks if they are working with organic products. This is because of the minimized exposure to toxic chemicals, which are quite persistent on farms and in food production in general. Animals that are brought up on organic farms do not have contact with contaminated soil, air, and water and their produce is healthier by default as a result.

Children can be especially vulnerable to pesticides. Parents have the option of choosing products that are made without any harmful toxins when going to organic markets. Any artificial fertilizer or pesticide is also not being used on organic vegetable, fruit, and grain farms. Health experts would warn about the potential harms which repeated exposure to chemicals could bring, even though they have been pronounced safe for usage in conventional farming.

No Antibiotic Resistance

To prevent illness, conventional livestock may be fed with all sorts of antibiotics. In crowded or unsanitary conditions, it is an easier choice for farmers to raise animals. There are some legislations and loopholes even though the FDA has limited the use of certain medications for livestock. Some animals can also be injected with synthetic growth hormones to weigh more and produce more milk.

The director and professor of the Biodesign Center for Environmental Security at Arizona State University have stated that as a result, some traces of these substances can make their way into people who consume products made out of these animals. Antibiotic resistance is another side-effect that is widespread because of the drug residue. Organic food is made without the usage of antibiotics, and this is why it is safer to consume. Dairy and meat of organic origins do not have synthetic hormones, which are linked to increased risk of diseases like cancer.


Researchers have discovered that organic food, precisely onions, has about a 20 percent higher antioxidant content than the one that can be obtained in regular stores. The study was done by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and it lasted for six years.

Adjunct associate professor of Nutrition at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health has said that the research was well done and that just one aspect of phytochemicals has been improved under the organic conditions. Other studies have shown that measures of minerals and vitamins between organic and non-organic food are different. Mainly, naturally produced food has more beneficial components than the one that was produced “artificially”.

Evidence of healthier nutritional values that come with the consumption of various organic products is gathering up, even though proving the benefits of eating a particular food is a complex question to answer.

In case you decide to go organic, it is important to make an educated decision and not get hung up on studies that have not been supported. Organic food is a perfect choice for sure in case you are trying to eliminate exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.


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