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How to Avoid Diet Pitfalls

You have been trying to lose some pounds but you find yourself in a food rut that’s derailing your progress. It’s a discouraging situation.

We all want to be in control over what we eat and not the other way around. But, many are times we find ourselves in diet pitfalls that we can’t seem to figure the way out.

We’ve prepared some science-backed tips to help you regain your control at the food store and in the kitchen. Keep reading to learn some simple solutions to avoid these pitfalls.

Create Time for Food Shopping

Many nutritionists advise that it is important to shop with a shopping list to avoid spontaneous purchases. A list will not only help you go for healthier food options but could also save you some dollars. And, thanks to the convenience of home delivery services, you could share your list with leading food vendors and have your groceries delivered at your doorstep. In fact, some of these services will recreate your list over time and save you the hassle of preparing one every time you need to restock your kitchen.

Also, there are some apps that will help you come up with a healthier meal plan to regain your confidence in the kitchen.

Avoid Emotional Eating

Emotional eating doesn’t make the problems go away. If anything, it exacerbates them.
So, you’re emotional and you feel like snacking? Make a mug of tea and get out of the kitchen. Trigger foods will tempt you and you might think you will feel better if you indulge. But we know what comes next is regret and guilt.

Simply put, you can’t swallow your problems and those trigger foods might not solve them either.

Remember, the long-run effects of poor eating habits outweigh the benefits of temporary relief these trigger foods give.

We all have tough moments, and they soon go away. So, how about writing down how you feel during these tough times instead of making trips to the pantry?

Avoid Cravings

Even if you’re keeping fit, there is nothing wrong with having some of your go-to snacks once in a while. In fact, they help rev up your mood. But, be sure to make smart choices about the indulgence and regulate the portions.

There are programs that help you make better and healthier choices. And, these programs calculate the calorie count in your foods. This will help you remain on track with your weight-loss journey.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

This is the engine-starter of the day, and there’s no reason to skip it. If you have super busy mornings, prepare your “quick fix breakfast” the night before.

By now you must be having your go-to quick ideas that will work the trick. Or, you could make some almond butter sandwich. Be sure to identify what works for you.

Depending on how rushed your morning is, slip the breakfast into your briefcase or purse the night before to make it easier for you in the morning.

Have a Plan While At the Store

You don’t want to be overwhelmed at the store. Pick a day to go shopping and take your time while at the store. You could tag a friend along if you need guidance. Be sure to comb the food aisles comparing the products and selecting the healthier options. Check out the ingredients, prices, and nutrition facts. It will come in handy when preparing your next shopping list.

Also, you don’t have to be a dietician to have a great shopping experience. Just be careful not to easily fall for “natural”, “fresh” and “wholesome” tags. Examine their ingredients and nutritional value. Anyway, it’s what inside that matters and not the packaging.

Think Like a Chef

You don’t have to be a chef, but you sure can think like one. Make cooking easy and learn how to prepare healthy meals. As you prepare your own meals, you are likely to learn more about the ingredients and their calorie content. In fact, people who eat home-cooked meals consume fewer calories over time as compared to those that eat in restaurants or order takeout.


Don’t go for too long without having a nice complete meal. This is because you’re more likely to consume larger portions of your next meal. For instance, research suggests people who skip a meal during the day over time weigh more than those that take all the meals in small portions.

We all want to see fast results on our weight-loss program. And, when it takes “too long” we might easily feel demotivated and regress on everything including diet. But, for lasting success, weight-loss is a slow and steady process. Be patient, and you’ll soon see the results.
Be sure to use these tips to avoid falling into diet pitfalls. They are simple and can be incorporated into your daily routines.


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