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Nike vs Adidas: Who Reigns Supreme?

Taking style, comfort, sizing, innovation, and more into consideration, we compare Nike vs Adidas. Which shoe mogul takes the prize?

It’s been a long battle between athletic retail royalty Nike and Adidas. But, in the battle of Nike vs Adidas, which brand reigns supreme? It’s time to settle this long time feud, and this article is exactly where it’ll happen.

If you’ve been struggling to choose which brand fits the best for all of your needs, look no further. All you’ve got to do to make your final choice is to continue reading this article for everything you need.


In your life, you’ve probably purchased something from Nike, whether athletic shoes or clothing. This brand is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Nike was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports.

It didn’t get its name that we all know it by until 1971. The name Nike was chosen because the founders Phill Knight and Bill Bowerman liked that the name meant goddess of victory. And since the name change, Nike has been a leading powerhouse. It has become the largest supplier and manufacturer of all things athletics.

The Nike check that is on the side of every shoe was designed by Carolyn Davidson. And soon after the design of the swoosh came the famous tagline that Nike still uses today. Originally the tagline was “There is no finish line,” which still got the point across but was pretty lengthy.

”Just Do It,” became the new slogan in 1977. Throughout the years, Nike has grown and evolved to fit the needs of their customers.


The Adidas brand was created in Germany in August of 1949 and was thought of by a man named Adolf Dassler. Making shoes was a pastime for Dassler after he’d come back from serving in World War I.

If you didn’t know how Adidas got its name, think about its creator’s name. Dassler took his nickname and the first two letters of his first name to make “adi” and then the first three letters of his last name “das,” therefore Adidas was born.

In 1954 the company would make a series of football cleats that would help Germany secure the World Cup and thus began their legendary path. To continue creating a brand that athletes worldwide wanted to use, the company’s founder regularly sat down with athletes.

He would then take into consideration their shoe’s needs and create based on those conversations. This type of communication solidified the relationship between Adidas and athletes forever. Adidas has even crossed over into selling shoes created by musical artists, including Yeezys, by Kayne West.

Time to Choose: Nike vs Adidas?

Okay, we admit that in the debate of Nike vs Adidas, it’s truly up to you as the customer to decide which brand is best for you. Both companies have roots that run deep amongst the athletic community. They show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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