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Hermès Breaks a Sweat in their Signature Orange at HermèsFit in Los Angeles

Yoga with carrés, stretching with belts, kickboxing with bangles… Hermès opened HermèsFit, an event that invited friends and followers of the house to break a sweat in a bespoke Hermès gym. Kicking off in Los Angeles, at The Hollywood Athletic Club, from July 21st through 24th, HermèsFit offered an active way of experiencing Hermès accessories – an elegant, joyful expression of fun and fitness.

After leaving your belongings in the locker rooms, guests picked up a carré and headed into Carré Yoga, where they found a balance in a series of scarf-inspired poses. In the evening, HermèsFit transformed its bright-colored orange boxing ring into a live stage for performances, DJ sets, and live concerts. The event is a continuation of a global series with stopovers all over the world (Tokyo, New York, Paris, Bangkok…), sharing its generous spirit worldwide. Unique and upbeat, HermèsFit is a new way to get active with the house’s beloved accessories – not to mention have fun.


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