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Go Behind the Scenes of LA Original with Ashley Jacobs, Director of the Brand LA in the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles

LA Original has teamed up with over 20 local makers, artists, and manufacturers from across the city to create and provide products for the LA Original line made available at their Pop Up at Westfield Century City. Those products include Clare V, Cisco Home, Hedley & Bennett, Carrots and more, to spotlight products designed, produced, or assembled in the Los Angeles area. Kendrick Lamar and Roy Choi are also featured in the campaign. “L.A. is the creative capital of the world. No other place can match the breadth and diversity of creativity across industries that you find in L.A. — from arts and entertainment to science and technology,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. His team created this innovative concept in order to spotlight and support L.A.’s creative economy. Director of the Brand LA in the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles Ashley Jacobs digs deeper into the LA Original and the movement behind it.

1. How did you get the idea to create LA Original?

As Mayor Garcetti put it in his statement, “Our future prosperity depends on attracting the creators of tomorrow”. The Mayor wanted this project to let people know how creativity in LA covers many fields and extends in all directions— graphic design, visual arts, film, food, with the manufacturing and supply chain that allows makers to thrive.

2. With so many exciting brands from Los Angeles, How do you pick the ones that will be showcased at the LA Original Pop-Up located at Westfield Century City Mall?

The brands selected for the pilot pop-up store showcase the diversity of Los Angeles. They’re all from standout makers who are making waves in their fields and their communities. We hope to expand our roster to capture more of that excitement as the project progresses.

3. How do you see LA Original shaping the Los Angeles community?

We want LA Original to communicate just how much happens in all corners of Los Angeles. We see it accomplishing at least three different goals: forging community and identity among people who are already creating in L.A.; telling makers from other parts of the country and the world just how much space L.A. gives you to create; and generating revenue to support job skills and training programs that help people enter the creative economy.

4. What is the significance of the Los Angeles logo?

72andSunny, who designed the logo, will answer that one: “The mark we designed represents the expansive creative culture and possibility of Los Angeles — it’s an invitation to fill this city with your imagination, and your ideas,” said Kelly Schoeffel, Director of Strategy at 72andSunny.

5. Can we expect to see LA Original become a permanent store in Westfield Century City?

We hope to assess the results of the pilot early next year and inaugurate a second phase.


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