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Our Favorite LA Events: The Week Of January 29th – February 4th featuring Museum of Illusions, Ghost Prints II and Much More!

Hey, we get it – Los Angeles is a big city. Not only are there endless opportunities for coffee stops, beach visits, and celebrity sightings, but the metropolis also boasts an absolutely massive catalogue of events. Even on a daily basis, the list of things to do can certainly seem a little overwhelming at times.

Somewhere, among the hazy smog that engulfs the city, lies a hotbed of culture and entertainment – you just have to sift through the haze to find what’s best. That’s why we over at LA Guestlist have done the work for you and put together the seven hottest, freshest, and most Los Angeles events we could find for you in the week of September 4th – September 10th. Something for you each and every night.

We’ll try not to break your wallet, either.


  • Museum of Illusions

Fully equipped for the perfect Instagram-worthy moment, The Museum of Illusions is open today for a world of mind bending optical illusions. The museum actively encourages photographs to be taken, even going so far as to say it is an integral part of the process – so snap away!

Tickets are available here. 


  • Surly Movie Night: Weekend at Bernie’s

Stop by The Surly Goat tonight for their newest tradition of holding regular movie nights! Games and prizes will be involved, as well as New Belgium Brewing giving prizes out to the best Bernie costume, the best Hawaiian shirt, and the best dead-man dance. The “rowdy screening” (self-described) starts at 9:00, with the fun, as well as seating, kicking off at 8:30.

Entrance is free.


  • Big Daddy’s Big Start!

This is your chance to see an original LA iconic show straight form the ground up, as the first ever installment of a new weekly comedy show titled ‘Big Daddy’ is going underway, at The Holloway on Echo Park Ave! Featuring comedians such as Joe DeRosa, Brent Sullivan, and Justine Marino, this is sure to be a fun night.

Seating opens at 7:45 PM There is no admission fee.


  • Open Screen Night

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending ‘Open Screen Night’ at the Echo Park Film Center, this is your chance, as the first day of the month, the beloved non-profit will be holding another installations. Anyone can come bring a 10-minute max video to be shared on the screen, with no one sure what to expect – including the ones running the show.

You can read more information here. 


  • ThunderTalk LIVE: St. Valentine’s Day SASSacre

All you really need to know is that this event is being held at The Nerdist School, which means it’s worth seeing. A night of entertaining “competitors” all share their opinions on a topic in order to be crowd the “ThunderTalk Champion.”

The show starts at 10 PM. Admission is free. Drinks will be served.


  • Ghost Prints II

This Saturday, come visit an absolutely gorgeous exhibit from artist Karim Shuquem serving as a collaboration with Loto Boll. The reception will go on from 6 PM to 11 PM, and will include a beautiful display including blacklit cubes, goo, and art.

This event is taking place at The Helen and Abraham Bolsky Gallery. Admission is free.


  • Scent-O-Rama – A Smell Movie Experience

Dubbed as “low tech VR” by the artist himself, this event features audio and visual accompaniment to “Scentstories” discs – an old Febreeze marketing campaign that involved transporting users to a predetermined landscape with smell. Artist Adam Papagan has created video and auditory art surrounding this, and also created an area, utilizing techniques such as space and temperature to help enhance the story.

The event runs from 8 PM – 10 PM at Coaxial. Admission is free.

Photo By: Ryan Forbes Photography

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