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Our Favorite LA Events: The Week Of January 15th – January 21st featuring Reggie Watts, Ben & Jerry’s and Much More!

Hey, we get it – Los Angeles is a big city. Not only are there endless opportunities for coffee stops, beach visits, and celebrity sightings, but the metropolis also boasts an absolutely massive catalogue of events. Even on a daily basis, the list of things to do can certainly seem a little overwhelming at times.

Somewhere, among the hazy smog that engulfs the city, lies a hotbed of culture and entertainment – you just have to sift through the haze to find what’s best. That’s why we over at LA Guestlist have done the work for you and put together the seven hottest, freshest, and most Los Angeles events we could find for you in the week of January 15th – January 21st. Something for you each and every night.

We’ll try not to break your wallet, either.


  • Reggie Watts, Louis Cole & Michael Stegner

Head on over to Zebulon Cafe Concert to catch three musical and entertainment icons perform a range of emotionally varying, shoe-gazing electro, and ambient trip hop together. Apparently, “one guy in Bulgaria said it was the best show he’d ever seen.”

You can grab tickets here. 


  • Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Launch Carnival

This Tuesday, make your way down to the corner of Hollywood and Vine for a carnival thrown by Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate the launch of several new flavors! Rides, prizes, and free samplings of flavors and pint slices will be available.

The carnival starts at 11 AM and goes until 8 PM. Entrance is free.


  • Focus on Female Directors Shorts Program

Come to The Egyptian Theatre for the 13th annual year of curated shorts all directed by female filmmakers. Featuring the directorial work of academy award winners, film schools, music video directors, the film festival circuit and more, this program will be well worth the price of admission.

You can grab tickets here.


  • Jim James at Amoeba Music

Alternative musician Jim James will be making an appearance at Amoeba Music for a live show. The only requirement is to have purchased a copy of his project ‘Tribute To 2’ at Amoeba.

The show kicks off at 6 PM.


  • The Sound of Ghosts

Roots rock outfit The Sound of Ghostsis celebrating the release of their new album ‘Delivery & Departure’ with a special show at The Troubador. Whether you’ve heard the group before of not, this is definitely going to be a fantastic night out.

You can grab tickets here, which get more expensive on the day of the show.


  • HANNAH’s Last Show

Alternative outfit HANNAH is celebrating a major change in branding and recognition by playing a final show under the name HANNAH. What is next to come for the group, whether it be a lineup change, difference in sonics or otherwise, will be soon to come. Before then, come celebrate with an explosive final show!

The show takes place at White Oak Music and Arts and will be free. It kicks off at 7 PM with a few openers.


  • Fairy Tale Double Screening

Come back and finish your week at The Egyptian Theatre with a double screening curated none other then Guillermo Del Toro. The double feature, with a “fairy-tale” theme to it, will feature screenings of Jean Cocteau’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Jacques Demy’s ‘Donkey Skin.’

Both screened in 35mm. Tickets available here.


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