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Essay Writing Tips for Los Angeles International Students

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world. However, it attracts other people because of other perspectives it offers. Thus, thousands of students from abroad want to gain cultural experience and improve their academic skills learning at one of its colleges or universities.

Undoubtedly, international students will surely face the issue of academic writing. Even if their command of English is great in their native country, they still don’t know a lot about how to write essays. Some of them use a paper writing service like CustomWritings to write their essays from scratch. A reliable company really can overcome any complications associated with academic writing. However, we’d like to describe some other possibilities as well.

Practice Your English

The first thing that occurs to the mind when we talk about foreign students in the USA is to absorb all the possible sources of the local English. Accordingly, you should practice your English skills in the following ways:
– Read in the original
– Listening to the local radio
– Watch movies in English
– Talk to native speakers
You can read your favorite books using a translator and write down all the words that are new to you. Watch your favorite movies with subtitles. Within time, you’ll be able to understand everything without them.

Many international students are terribly afraid of being ashamed when they make speaking mistakes. You shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s alright because you still have a lot to learn. Continuous practice with native speakers is the fastest way to improve your English and write great essays.

Always Create Outlines

When you write your essays, make sure you have a good outline. Almost every essay consists of the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Make sure you outline every stage, set clear and realistic deadlines, and do not procrastinate.

Use Custom Writing Agencies

Undoubtedly, you cannot miss the possibility to request help on professional paper writing websites. Commonly, they have specialists who know many languages. It’s a great chance to handle the most complicated essays with the help of certified writers. Read the essays they write for you and request gratis samples of any essay type. Thus, you’ll enrich your knowledge and improve essay writing skills using efficient tips of proficient experts.

Be a Diligent Editor

Foreigners don’t commonly have strong writing skills and extended vocabulary. Accordingly, they should edit and rewrite their papers more frequently than local students. We recommend following that strategy to avoid typical mistakes in essay writing.

You should review your texts more than twice. Apply different editing and proofreading methods. Ask peer students who are natives to revise your essays too. Besides, it’s wise to use different editing tools which perfectly suit international students because such tools indicate the level of readability, which is a typical problem of most non-native speakers. It highlights:
– Grammar mistakes
– Overuse of adverbs
– Overcomplicated phrases or words
– Overuse of the passive voice
– Sentences that are hard and very hard to read

Consider Online Courses

You should use the Internet in various ways. Another great way is to seek and pass different online courses. Special educational websites, as well as online colleges and universities, offer their courses for free. You only should choose the required subject and pass the course. You’ll definitely find many online courses designed for international students.

Other Typical Problems of International Students: Tips to Handle Them

There are some other problems every international student may face. Some of them are also related to their academics. We’ll highlight those problems and will provide quick tips to handle them.

Cultural Shock – Many foreigners feel homesickness and a serious cultural shock that negatively affects their mental stability. This state interferes with a normal way of learning and adaptability to new life conditions.
Tip: You should be self-confident, communicative, and have no fears. It’s alright to be a stranger to the locals. However, if you remain yourself and are open-hearted, you’ll quickly find friends and won’t feel estranged anymore.

Language Barrier – The problem with understanding a foreign language creates a language barrier. It directly affects your academic writing skills too. Moreover, there are various variations of English (British, Australian, American, Canadian, etc.), which complicate interaction with the locals.
Tip: You should obligatorily take additional language classes. Besides, you should read in the original and actively conversate with the native speakers.

Difficulty Understanding the Lectures – Unfortunately, your professors won’t stop every time you mishear some words or don’t understand their explanations. Thus, international students may not receive enough information.
Tip: Ask your professors to give your handouts of their lectures and recommend some textbooks or online sources related to the topic. Thus, you’ll have more time to understand everything in detail and at a convenient pace.

Finances – For many foreigners, life in Los Angeles may be too expensive. Accordingly, they are forced to tighten their belts and control their budgets.
Tip: You should look for a part-time job, find cheap rent, cook at home, refuse impulsive purchasing, avoid using the credit card, etc.

Follow our tips to improve your academic writing difficulties, as well as other kinds of problems. Thus, the life of international students in Los Angeles won’t be that difficult. You’ll quickly adapt to the new environment and will enjoy academic success.

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