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7 Tips To Pay Attention To While Studying at Home

Focusing on studying at home can get pretty boring and distracting for a student. During normal working days at school and college, you’re drowned in writing your assignment. And when the exam nears, and you’re focusing on studying, several distractions avail themselves tempting you to stop and do something else instead. You sit down with your book and you suddenly remember the chore you were supposed to do and while you’re at it, you feel like using your phone and whatnot!

We’ve all found ourselves at one point or the other worried about focusing attention on studying. Here are a few tips to focus on while studying that are tried and tested.

1. Organize Your Study Space

Declutter your study desk and organize it in a manner that makes you want to sit down and concentrate. Paste motivational quotes on eye level on your working space, place post-its, and use colorful pens and highlighters if it helps.

2. Make a Routine

Follow a schedule. First, review all the materials/topics you have to cover. Then decide how much time you need to/want to allot to a particular topic. After that manage your time according to how much you need to spend on one. Make a habit of following the routine you have made. Doing that will help you optimize your time and is an efficient way of concentrating on your books.

3. Set a Goal

Like in everything else, setting a goal is the first step to achieving it. Set a goal as to how much studying you want to get done in a certain span of time. It will help in focusing attention on your task and to organize your time accordingly.

4. Stay Away from Your Gadgets

With the world laying flat on your palm in the form of a smartphone, it might be tough focusing on studying. Stay clear of your gadgets to stay focused on your books. Lock them up somewhere, switch them off, do what you think will work best for you. However, if you need your gadgets to study, don’t be tempted to use social media or any other applications that will distract you from your study session.

5. Take Notes While Studying

As a student, you might be wary of writing as you have plenty of assignment(s) and paper(s) at school or college. But, taking notes while studying is more effective than just reading. Many kinds of research conducted in various leading universities in the US and many other countries state that writing while studying helps to retain more information than when you just read it as you read a paper and go through paper topics.

Apart from remembering what you read, taking notes will hone your writing skills in general. It will help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, spellings, punctuations, handwriting. It will help you learn and understand an essay format. If you practice writing, you could readily answer the question of “how to do my essay” and other pressing questions such as ‘how to write my essay’ and ‘who will write my essay for me’.

6. Take Breaks in Between

By ‘breaks’ we don’t mean taking a bathroom break every 15 minutes. Buckle up in your study chair and get those revisions going. Even studying for a span of two hours continuously is pretty challenging. So when you’re having long study sessions, take short breaks in between. For instance, if you’re planning to study for 6 hours, take a break after an hour and a half. Not only will it kill your boredom, but it will also help you focus and clear your mind and freshen up in between.

7. Reward Yourself

Think of some fun activity you could do after you are done studying. It could be watching a movie, reading a book (of course, we mean something that is not in your syllabus), take a walk, play a game, whatever you prefer. Saving an incentive for yourself after having worked hard will act as a motivating factor. But, don’t cheat by daydreaming about it while you’re studying! We know that often happens. Even staring at a blank wall is interesting when you’re bored

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