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Dropbox and Genius Transformed Iconic Song Lyrics into Original Artworks that Music Fans can See, Touch, and Experience

Genius and Dropbox brought “Lyrics to Life”, a Los Angeles-based pop-up art exhibition inspired by song lyrics with an open bar by New Amsterdam Vodka. Genius and Dropbox joined forces to collaborate with visual artists to transform iconic lyrics into physical art that music fans can see, touch, and experience. Aminé, Devin Troy Strother, and Peggy Noland are among the acclaimed visual artists and curators transforming iconic song lyrics by the likes of Nicki Minaj and Tame Impala into original artworks that music fans can see, touch, and experience. “Creative energy comes in many forms, and can be unleashed in powerful ways unique to each individuals’ talent and focus,” said Carolyn Feinstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Dropbox. “The roster of visual artists and curators at Lyrics to Life represents what’s possible when people are empowered to create without limits.”

The entire “Lyrics to Life” exhibition was designed using Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace that helps teams create and share early ideas, with Genius following each artist’s creative process, from planning and curation. A short-form documentary about the making of “Lyrics to Life” from planning to curation will premiere on both Dropbox and Genius’s video platforms shortly after the exhibition’s March opening. The live exhibition will parallel the new Dropbox brand system, which was launched to inspire people to do truly extraordinary things.

“Lyrics to Life” will welcome music fans and visitors March 2-5, 2018 in the DTLA Arts District (2138 Violet Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021).

Photo By: BFA Images

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