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Candytopia’s Picture-Perfect World is Full of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Candytopia just made “doin’ it for the ‘gram” a bit sweeter! The magically delicious love-child of Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin and design expert Zac Hartog opened its doors for a media preview causing sweet tooths everywhere to go crazy. The exhibit calls for eating your way through seven themed colorfully-crafted, picture-perfect rooms.

Although, the December 15th debut was postponed, Candytopia has reemerged and will be opening its doors in Santa Monica at Santa Monica Place on March 2, 2018 for a limited four-month engagement. Additional cities and locations to be announced soon.

Here’s what you can expect:

The Sweet Life of Candytopia.

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually be a part of Candyland and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Candytopia merges the two (and some more) effortlessly as visitors are greeted by a mysterious voice who tells the story of the land’s cultivation. Factory gears churn and you’re led out of the city streets and into Jackie’s library. There you’re greeted by another magnificent character who boasts about Jackie’s love for candy and tries her best to convey what you’ll witness in the next six rooms.

Go Deep Sea Diving in Candy.

From the library, you’re transported into a jungle with monkey’s made out of the sweetest treats. It’s okay to hang with around as they’ve made their jungle pretty welcoming. There aren’t any lions, tigers, or bears. Just sweet panthers made of skittles who leads you ashore for some fun in the sun. Throw a few beach balls around, catch a few rays while napping in a hammock, but don’t stay around too long. Remember, mermaids need to return to the sea after roaming around all day on their feet.

Never Forget, You’re Royal.

After being chased by enormous gumballs, swinging through life on pixie stix, you’re whisked off into a storybook land to sit like the royal kings and queens you are. The hallway is filled with portraits of music royalty, Prince, and the chocolate expert himself, Willy Wonka. Made of candy, the portraits smell as good as one might imagine they’d taste. You can look and touch but remember to keep your tongue in your mouth. Candytopia’s workers will provide you with all the sweetest you need.

Pigs Fly, Unicorns Do Exist, & Marshmallows Fall From The Sky.

Clouds are filled with rainbows and rabbit holes can lead you just about anywhere. Visitors are filled with the sweetest treats and surrounded by delicious bites while dancing around in confetti with flying pigs.

According to the exhibit’s website, Candytopia will set off to tour after its Los Angeles departure in March.

Since its closing back in December 2017, Candytopia has found a new place to rest it’s head. Now located at Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, CA, Candytopia gives guests a full on feel of wanderlust.

There’s still time to grab your ticket!
Hope you’ve been perfecting those selfies! Your camera roll will thank you.


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