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Why Americans Dress in a Casual Way

A casual outfit is the perfect clothes for the most Americans. Make no doubt of that! Why casual… Oh, the reasons are pretty simple and probably rather obvious, casual clothing can give Americans what they need and what they want.

When did Americans start dressing so casually?

Of course, Americans didn’t always like casual clothes… If you look at the photos of the American traditional dress at the beginning of the 20th century, you`ll just see bowler hats, velour sweatsuits, and flannel shirts. It may seem improbable, but Americans really considered such clothes fashionable and even comfortable… until they open casual! First, it was business casual and it was a real revolution in the fashion world that broke the bastion of high formality – office dress-code – and crucially redefined American wardrobe.

Business casual was born in Silicon Valley in the early 1980s and since then the American culture clothing included khaki pants, comfy shoes, and button-down collared shirts. In the 1990s this style became mainstream and more often shocked HR managers and employees alike. After a while the word “business” has been lost, a dressing way became even more universal and easier and today Americans call this thoughtless style just casual.

Main Reasons Why…

Let’s think what Americans like the most? Of course, freedom and independence! They want to be free and independent in all spheres of life, including fashion. By the way, Americans value the comfort and constantly look for the best ways to express themselves. As a matter of fact, these are 4 great reasons why Americans prefer casual outfit for work, study, shopping and so on. Casual clothing is suitable for any occasion or any meeting.

What makes the casual outfit so popular among Americans? Casual clothes allow people to choose things… to choose what they want to wear, how they want to wear one thing or another and how they want to present themselves. For Americans, casual means comfortable and individual. Casual outfit for people is a perfect way of expressing individuality because it gives the power to create a universal look erasing the rules and laws of formality. Moreover, casual also blurs the lines between man and woman, old and young, rich and poor and becomes “unisex”! Well, casual gives people the freedom and independence of choice. So Americans can’t waste the opportunity to level society and at the same time to give every American a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Well, dressing in a casual way for American people means to look stylish and unique, pick out free and independent and besides feel comfortable… Well, here are the reasons why the casual style has been the most popular in America for over 40 years and will be instantly at the top for many decades.

Written by Helen Rogers


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