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Who’s LA – Behind the Scene Profile of LAs Shapers: CANN Founders Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson

A refreshingly new take on cannabis launches today in select markets in California. Cann, a delicious low-dose cannabis beverage, is now available at MedMen and on Eaze. There is no beverage like Cann currently on the market. Cann is the perfect alternative to alcohol and was designed to be enjoyed in all social situations, day or night. We caught up with Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, the masterminds behind this delicious and relaxing drink.

1. How did you meet and decide to create CANN?

Taking a (cliche) cue from some of the world’s most innovative startups, Cann began in Jake’s garage in Palo Alto, California while he was in business school at Stanford University in 2018…That same year, Jake recruited Luke, an old friend and former colleague from Bain & Co, who had never been to a dispensary before, to help design a brand and collection of products for people who are cannabis curious.

2. Most edibles are ridiculously high in THC, why did you decide to create a product that you can consume on a regular basis?

For mainstream consumers, dosing is the single biggest fear — they ask am I going to get too high? and they are afraid of that ‘one weed I had brownie’ in college. Instead, we wanted to create a product that we would drink multiple of over the course of an evening, just like we drink alcohol. And unlike alcohol, our cans have only 30-35 calories and leave you with no hangover the next day. The lower potency of THC allows the consumer to have more control over their experience.

3. What is the “entourage effect” and how does it work?

We like to say that THC and CBD are buds — they have more fun when they are together! The entourage effect says that the combined effect of the various compounds from the cannabis plant (THC and CBD are by far the most common ones) is more balanced and enjoyable than the individual effect of each one (think Captain Planet…let our powers combine!). In our social tonics, the THC provides a light buzz while the CBD lessens anxiety and smooths out the high.

4. Does CANN have any health benefits?

Cann is a social drinking option that is much better for the body. Our social tonics let you close out the dance floor at night and be in your workout class early the next morning with no hangover. Also with only 30-35 calories, you can have 3 before reaching the same amount of calories as a Whiteclaw.

5. Where can you buy CANN?

Cann is available for sale in all eleven MedMen locations and for delivery on Eaze in Los Angeles.

6. What are some of your favorite spots in Venice, CA?

Our office runs on Groundwork Coffee on Rose Ave and Sweetfin Poke on Abbot Kinney. We love The Lincoln and Roosterfish when we want a drink or two (after a few canns of course!).


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