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Wagu Wagu Wagu – The Woodman Wins Best Sports Bar in The Valley with The Best Kobe Beef Burger in LA

If we told you the best burger in Los Angeles was in the Valley, would you believe us? Well let me tell you, I was born and raised in the Valley and I had no idea that 2 miles down from where I grew up now exists the juiciest, most delicious burger, ever. No shade to Umami and definitely no shade to the West Coast staple: In n Out, but I’d nominate The Woodman’s burger as the valley’s best kept BBQ’d secret.

Sure, The Woodman is like your classic, but slightly less casual sports bar. There’s high stools, flat screens, a patio situation, local beers, chocolate martinis, and then we discovered the Wagu Bacon Burger. OK Fine — we didn’t discover it on our own, we weren’t even going to order it before our waitress insisted because, frankly — I’m not one to order a burger unless hungover, but I’m so glad we did because MMM Kobe! 

So if you never find yourself in the Valley, then you probably should play a game of hide and go seek out The Woodman. Do it for the Wagu.


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