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Useful Gmail Features That Might Interest You

Statistics show that Gmail is the most popular email client, with 30 percent of users preferring it to open their emails. If you frequently use Gmail on a day-to-day basis, the question is whether you are making the most out of Gmail’s hidden features. Gmail has many properties that can help you manage the constant flow of messages to and from your Gmail inbox. Gmail is a good email service, but there’s a good chance you’re not utilizing most of it. It is packed with hidden features that can save you time and improve your productivity. If you’re a frequent Gmail user, you will want to check out these tips we have prepared for you.

1. Organize Everything How You Want It

The best feature Gmail has is that you can organize everything efficiently. Sometimes, most people are overwhelmed by the many options, and you’re unsure where to start. The Default Inbox allows you to sort emails in the order of importance, unread, or marked with a star. According to experts at, this easy convenience enables you to manage everything flawlessly. The Priority Inbox gives you more control by letting you choose what you highlight. For newbies, Tabbed Inbox spices things up by dividing your emails into categories based on subject, promotional emails, filtering social messages, and more information into the specific categories. We recommend trying each to see which best suits your taste. Additionally, you can also check the Google guide for more details.

2. Did You Know Gmail Has a Smart Compose and Reply Feature?

We all know replying to emails can sometimes be strenuous, especially if you’re on the go. These may be those moments when you’re trying to push through foot traffic on a sidewalk to catch a bus. In such a scenario, it makes it impossible to compose a response. However, Gmail has a feature that makes this easier with Smart Reply. This feature uses AI to suggest an answer based on what you are most likely to reply with.

Additionally, Gmail has a Smart Compose feature, which is similar to Smart Reply. This feature helps you quickly compose any email you want by using AI to suggest some words you are likely to type next. The feature was released in 2018 and can learn your typical typing response, making it easier to compose emails.

3. You Can Mute Nagging Email Threads

We all dread getting stuck on a group email thread, which can be annoying on a laptop or your phone. We live in a fast-paced world with enough distractions during the workday. If you mainly work from home, you don’t need to keep seeing a group email calling out to you as new replies arrive. If you’re in an active email thread and no longer want to follow the continuous chat, you can opt-out with a few steps. Open the specific thread and click the triple-dot button at the top and ensure you tap the option mute. After doing this, the conversation will be moved to your archive. This is where it will remain even when more replies arrive. If you think of viewing it later, you can find it in the All Mail view of Gmail, including your archived messages.

4. Schedule and Send

You will sometimes want to reply to an email immediately, so you don’t have to think about it. However, you don’t want to seem overeager when doing this. Sometimes, you may wish to send someone an email at a specific date or time, and you want to compose it now when it’s fresh on your mind. Gmail has a ‘schedule send’ feature that lets you do that, although it’s hidden in plain sight. If you’re composing an email through your laptop or desktop, don’t click the send button’s central section. Instead, click the little drop-down arrow on the right side of the button and click ‘schedule send.’ You will then choose the preferred time you want to send the email.

5. Find What You Want with Search

If you are searching for something on Gmail, it’s as easy as doing it with Google. You only need to click the search icon (box) at the top of the screen and type what you’re looking for. You can also use a few tips to improve your search, so you get the email you want more quickly. Additionally, you can click on the advance search button to filter your email search based on certain words, names, or date ranges.

Gmail has many exciting features you can use, and we included the top five, which we think are a must-try. However, don’t feel limited to explore other different features to suit your preferences. Finally, you can also try the dark mode feature, which is good, especially if you are a night owl.


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